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Carleton East Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2016
I've lived in Carleton East since October 2015. I was pleased with the location and size of the apartment and well kept carpeted floors but that was until I learned my neighbor above me on the third floor had no carpeting or throw rugs down. She literally stomped on the floors all night long it seemed. She dropped heavy items on the floor and it literally shook my apartment. My friends visiting wanted to go upstairs and throw the girl and her boyfriend off the balcony. When I asked management why would you rent an apartment on the third floor with no carpet since wood creeks and one can hear every step one takes, they said we will talk to the tenant. That didn't happen. Now after that tenant moved out, I thought they would upgrade the apartment and put in carpeting for the new tenant, fat chance. Now this one is no better than the last. Stomping around and dropping items on the floor. I have cracks in my wall from the last tenant dropping stuff. Then there's the parking situation. Not enough parking spaces for your visitors/family to come and stay over. With the number of tenants in the complex and since they give you a visitors parking pass, any space that is open and a vehicle has a parking permit and/or visitors pass should be acceptable but not here. They will tow a car in a heartbeat whether you have a parking sticker in your window or a visitors pass. What they need to do is get some of the commercial vehicles out of the complex. I get tired of coming home and finding Kaiser Permanente trucks parked in a parking space or small trucks with a ton of mowing equipment in a residential parking space. Then there's the laundry room. Two washers which oftentimes don't drain all the water out of your clothes and dryers that don't fully dry your clothes. Most often your complaints to the management office fall on a deaf ear. BTW, no hot water today after 9AM as usual. As well as the work going on to repair the structure of some buildings. No wonder two building almost collapsed last year. Finally, I love children but I don't love other peoples children who sit on peoples cars, throw trash all over the place and go unsupervised playing in the streets.
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Carleton East Apartments

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