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Chestnut Ridge Apartments

6872 Riverdale Road

Lanham, MD 20706



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Stealth_1986 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/08/2017
I currently live at Chestnut Ridge Apartments. I would not recommend this place. If you are young (I'm 30), single, with no kids, and a government employees... don't come here. My story is a terrible one. I moved in officially on January 23, 2017. Today is March 8, 2017 and I am completely fed up with this place. BARELY one month living here. Unbelievable. I'll give both the pros and cons of this place. The pros: The apartments are nice and relatively spacious. The staff is helpful (with particular emphasis on Renee who is the lead maintenance man and the Property Manager herself -- Miss Thompson). I respect Renee and Miss Thompson to the Nth degree. And Miss Thompson is very nice. The parking is reserved. I LOVE this. You are essentially guaranteed a parking spot. Also, the grounds are well kept overall. Now the CONS: The major problem with Chestnut Ridge Apartments is the noise level. There have been numerous times in which I have had to call the Prince George's County police because of extremely disrespectful noise levels of neighbors. The guy who lives below me in particular keeps his television volume up sooooooooooLOUD that I can commonly hear word-for-word in MY apartment. SHAMEFUL. Also, kids routinely run over my head in the apartment above me. There have been multiple times I have been awakened at 8am on Saturday or Sunday due to kids wrestling, jumping, and falling over my damn head. You can also hear snoring in the unit above me at night. It is so disturbing. It just goes to show how thin the walls are. I tried to offset it by turning my TV on. But it didn't help too much because I can't sleep with the TV on. This place also has bed bugs and roaches. I always call and complain about roaches. And they RUN like hell when the lights are turned on. You'll easily be killing a roach daily at Chestnut Ridge. People also smoke weed here. The strong stuff too. It's bad. I think some people here just don't know how to live like civilized neighbors. I take great care to respect my neighbors... but they don't return the favor. To them, "It's THEIR world and I just live in it." The Property Manager (Miss Thompson) tries to address these issues by writing letters and posting them on people's doors. But that fails because I have seen many of these letters balled up and tossed on the floor by residents. I'd give this place 2.5 stars out of 5. I wish I didn't have such ------ and inconsiderate neighbors. Otherwise, my experience would've been much better. Don't move here.
Chestnut Ridge Apartments Manager03/10/2017

Thank you for sharing your experience at Chestnut Ridge. Please contact the Resident Services Center at your earliest convenience to give us a chance to expeditiously address any concerns with your apartment home and for us to provide an appropriate response to your concerns. Please contact the community directly at (301) 577-4949 or via email at [email protected] You are welcome to contact Southern Management's Community Relations Department at [email protected] if you are not satisfied with the manner in which your concerns were handled. Best regards, Alicia

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Chestnut Ridge Apartments

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