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Glenreed Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/10/2017
Staff at Glenreed continuously will enter your home without proper 24hr notice and usually with no notice of entry at all. Contractors enter your home without staff and there is no note stating that they came, and what they entered you apartment for. The staff is rude and very disrespectful when questioned in reference to there unlawful entry and safety and privacy practices concerning there tenants. I have lived at Glenreed for four years and my apartment has continuously been entered without notice. Sometimes with notice and one time they entered they left my apartment completely unsecured (front door unlocked, balcony screen and glass door wide open and AC blasting ). I never received an apology for this incident. Recently HVAC entered no notice was given (nothing was wrong with my AC ) and here we are twenty four hours later and no written explanation as to why they entered. Contractor left my top lock unlocked, balcony screen now has a hole in it , and my blinds all over the floor. My windows were open that day and again AC was on blast. I don't know if Edgewood Management is the issue or the loose monitoring of there inadequate staff, but someone needs to be held responsible. Not to mentions sometimes the notice to enter is distributed and no one ever shows up. Please don't let me forget the RANDOM INSPECTIONS of your unit. Which happens so often it is ridiculous by staff and other companies. Its as if this is not your home yet you are paying rent. The Glens at Reed Station abuses there right to enter and uses it in a manipulative way that is illegal. A staff member knocked on my door. I asked why are you here (which he was not suppose to be)... He gave me some stupid answer, because I never received notice and there was no emergency ! I told him you cant just knock on my door to enter my home without notice. His response to me was he has been there for years and basically that gives him the right. I said that's a negative answer and do not knock on my door without prior notice to do so. Contractors entering without staff is unacceptable. Contractors should always be escorted with staff to ensure your home is secured properly and that contractors are adhering to privacy and safety laws respecting the tenants rights at all times. This is not practiced at the Glens at Reed Station. Recent Example: I received a notice for pest control to visit. I went to the rental office and due to the incidents at my home I discussed with the management pest control came recently. She stated I would be removed from the list and they would not come to my apartment. The following day I was slow getting out of the house. I receive a knock and ask who is it ? Pest Control. I said who? He repeated. I then said me and management spoke and I was to be removed from your list. He said they did not tell me and I said well you go back and talk with them. Pest control then took out a key and entered my neighbors apartment without staff. Unacceptable. My neighbor came home and knocked asked me if they entered I said yes and told her what happened. After that my neighbor walked in on them in her home without notice and expressed to me how upset she was. She been here much longer than me and is familiar with the staff, but also states this is a issue that they continue to practice and is not happy with it. Many people accept this behavior because no one can just jump up and move. I know I cant. So Edgewood management needs to practice proper entry to unit procedures, notices and that contractors to be accompanied by staff during there visit and stay while repairs are done to units. This also ensures repairs are done properly by contractors. This would make tenants feel safe and ensure no ones unit is left unsecured like my unit was ! Edgewood Management needs to be respectful of there tenants. Listen to there concerns. Stop ignoring your tenants when there is a continuing practice that is unprofessional and is in need of change. Violation of safety and privacy rights are very serious. You need to take this seriously and readdress and train your staff. You endanger your tenants with your unsafe practices especially concerning contractors. And more lighting is needed in all parking lots. It is extremely dark at night. Not safe !
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Glenreed Apartments

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