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Glenreed Apartments



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kianap • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 05/10/2013
My 2 kids and I have lived here for 2 years and we like our apt. The Good: Its clean and affordable. My neighbors are pretty kool. We all mind our business but keep a lookout for eachother's kids/property. In the rental office, Brandon has always been courteous, helpful and knowledgeable and the maintenance staff is usually pretty quick in response and if they cant fix the problem they will have other companies to come in and fix it. I have seen very few bugs and never have seen any vermin. The Bad: The neighborhood kids are bad as crap so my kids stay in the house with me. I have heard of several robberies in the neighborhood but I had an alarm installed in my apt and I stay "protected" at all times so I dont worry too much about that. The laundry rooms are atrocious so I wash my clothes elsewhere. Parking is minimal after a certain time because it seems that people who live here dont work so their cars never move. I usually have to park in front of another building other than mine or on the nearby streets. The buildings would be nicer if the people who live here weren't so damn trifling. Management just completely renovated the entire complex complete with security doors that needs a passkey to enter the buildings and these trifling people have already broken most of them and continue to throw their trash everywhere. But hey, there is good and bad with any apt complex you live in but my overall experience so far has been a good one and I will continue to live here until I buy a house.
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Glenreed Apartments

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