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Cherry Branch Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 07/03/2013
Well I'll start by stating that I have been a resident at this community since March 2013. In my initial application process Deidre was there to assist in any way possible. At that time Tobi (the property manager) was presently overseeing the community however, 2wks after moving into my unit she was released from her position and new management has taken over. Due to prior reviews I was very skeptical of the development and conducting business with management. None the less at the time my options were limited and I needed to secure a decent environment for my children. Note that my standards for living and way of conducting business are extremely HIGH and very much so top priority. Sometimes we are placed in predicaments were we must buckle up, humble ourselves and do what we have to do in order to rebuild. Moving along, since the new management has taken effect; I can see a DRASTIC change to the community and I LOVE IT!! The new manager is very fair, can be flexable and reasonable. However, she IS about business, honesty, respect and communication. I have learned this in dealing with her and you know, I can't ask for anything more than that. There haven t been any rodent issues neither within my unit or around the development (near the front / middle of the development anyway). I do see that towards the back of the development (anywhere past the mailboxes) seem to be the "problem" area as a whole or at least was prior to new management. What I also foreseen the be a lot of the problem cause to the community was younger adults/teens from the next door neighboring community coming over into Cherry Branch Townhomes disturbing and vandalizing it; this too as come to a drastic haut. New doors have been installed, new locks, new electric wirings, re-painting, extermination services on a regular basis, new hired maintenance staff (2 from the old crew remain), new coordinating parking passes have been made mandatory and provided to all residents, new towing company (whom are no joke! Bastards, but anyway). A lot has seemed to change and for the better most certainly. They remain to make other repairs on a continued basis as well. What I don't like is that yes, the property is OLD in its foundation and updates are needed. None the less, I'm just the kind of person that can turn anything to a very comfortable, decent, well maintained and elegant home given forced circumstances. I've gotten great compliments on my unit thus to the changes I've made personally and how I run my household; so much so that one would not recognize the needed repairs/upgrades as a big deal unless directly pointed out. Another dislike would be the trains that passes behind the community (Very noises but manageable. It's worrisome if you live on the backside of where it rides along however). The neighbors, ummmmm....so so, it's up to you in how you engage with others. I personally don't open up doors so easily, close to home. Everyone seems to want better and are working towards that goal for their families and then there s just those trifling ones that pop up from time to time in every community. Rent is extremely reasonable especially for the unit size that you re getting. Having a loft is almost as having an extra small divided room for children; or maybe used as the master bedroom and a separate office space. Having an extra half bath....well that goes without saying! A shed for storage in your backyard and a patio that can be fenced off is a great bonus for a managed townhome - rental- community. This kind of property is a rare find. You just have to make it work for YOU. Hope this helps!
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Cherry Branch Townhomes

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