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Concord Park at Russett

7903 Orion Circle

Laurel, MD 20724



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Bossi • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I have been at the apartment for nearly a year now in an apartment that faces the pool. The rent is toward the higher end of what I would be willing to pay for the services provided as there are numerous things that could use improvement, but in general I am happy with the place. <br><br>There are a lot of helpful amenities, but the hours are inconvenient. The pool and movie room typically close at about 8pm (and I believe you still cannot show rated R movies in the movie room); and the exercise room closes at midnight. The pool passes are also a bit inconvenient. I understand their intention, as a lax pool policy would invite a number of non-resident users from elsewhere in the area; but it would be nice if each apartment were provided with an extra 1 or 2 passes for guests. The pool is not typically crowded and I believe a couple more people would help create a more social atmosphere without introducing unnecessary riffraff.<br><br>I have had absolutely no problems with parking: I always find a space right at my door regardless of what time of afternoon or evening I arrive at. Garage options are available, but are quite expensive and I see absolutely no point in it. If I ever need a closer parking space on my floor for unloading groceries, I just take a spot in the garage and turn on my flashers an action indicated as OK by Bozzuto staff and, legally, it s not parking .<br><br>During winter, whomever maintains the sidewalks along Faraway Hills Drive is extremely slow at clearing snow and ice or even depositing deicing chemicals. Plowing tends to occur relatively soon along the neighborhood s collector road (Russett Green), but is slow along the local road (Faraway Hills Drive) as well as the apartment s roadway (Orion Circle).<br><br>One particular piece of exercise equipment has gone without repaired for a couple months now, but all other equipment has been, to the best of my knowledge, in good working order for the near-year that I have been here. The ingress security gate has been in need of repair for several months, but I have yet to see a response.<br><br>Requests for maintenance within my apartment have been responded to by the next working day. Most maintenance work occurs while I am away, but I had a chance to meet the maintenance personnel several months ago and found them to be very pleasant. The male lifeguards tended to be less social and I was not too keen on their lifeguarding abilities in the first place, but the more-regular female lifeguards were very kind and I felt that they did a far better job at conversing with the tenants whilst maintaining their watch over the pool. The contracting firm which hires the lifeguards relies on international work-abroad programs, so is it possible that the lifeguard staff may change each year.<br><br>There is extensive development in this area of the neighborhood, but I have had no issues with construction noise. I face toward the pool, but I believe that the construction sites are far enough away that any generated noise would be sufficiently muffled by the time it reaches the inside of your apartment. My only concern with regards to construction is with the contractors blatantly disregarding traffic laws (particularly stop signs) as they exit the sites.<br><br>In general, the complex is a quiet structure consisting primarily of working professionals, military personnel, and some retirees. The interior walls are a bit thin, however, as I often hear the faint crying of the baby above. I only hear it if it s otherwise quiet, though. Sometimes you can hear the bass of footsteps from the hallways, but of course that is only a real nuisance during the few times you get people with enough force in their step to generate enough bass; and it s really a problem that I only notice as commuters return from work, around 1600 to 2100. With the TV or stereo on, though, I don t typically notice them. All in all, it is a quiet building; but it is not completely soundproof.<br><br>I was once notified of a noise complaint from the residents below me, but I invited the front desk to give me a call and I also gave those residents my mobile phone number so that they can call me if I am being too loud. I am a bit hard of hearing, so what is normal to me can be loud to others (my roommate often says that he can hear my music from out in the hallway). Since speaking with the staff and my neighbor, I have not received any further noise concerns.<br><br>In winter I have been finding myself cracking open my balcony doors. The heat from the hallway combined is typically enough to sufficiently warm my apartment to a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. Up until the most recent cold snap (with temperatures below -10), our gas bills had been zero; but once that thermometer dropped below 0, we finally gave in and turned on the heat.<br><br>The landscaping seems to be taken care of. I face the pool, which is maintained by a contracted company, and I ve found it to be a pleasant view at any time of year. Oddly, they ve left the water in the pool through winter. It has been entertaining to watch the ice intrude through the pool, with either Bozzuto or the pool contractor adding in portable fountains to keep the ice at bay. The main, permanent, fountain formed a volcano of ice with a spout of water; but they finally switched that off as the volcano began to collapse in on itself (which it has since done). I believe the temporary fountains in the pool will be sufficient, but I worry that the main fountain has suffered damage; and hopefully that will not affect anything come summertime.<br><br>Along Faraway Hills Drive, however, individuals apparently have a littering problem: I often find discarded bottles, cans, and dog waste alongside the walkway or roadway. Such litter tends to be cleared on a monthly or bimonthly basis, which is a bit less regularly than I would prefer. Or even better, I wish local residents would care about their neighborhood more.<br><br>There is no recycling program other than for cardboard, but I often see people throwing their cardboard down the regular trash chute. When I moved in, I was assured that recycling would soon be a regular feature; but this promise has yet to materialize. Another as-yet unfulfilled promise is that I am still unable to schedule regularly-occurring rent payments onto my credit card.<br><br>The Russett neighborhood is a generally wealthier community, but it is situated not too far from some less-safe areas. As a result, the neighborhood as a whole tends to be an attraction for petty crime: break-ins, thefts from cars, or even thefts of cars. A police sub-station was recently opened in the neighborhood to address these concerns and Concord Park itself is now home to several County police officers.<br><br>There have been a couple arrests within the complex, but I feel safer knowing that arrests are indeed being made. Crime happens; it s the arrests that make the difference. At no point have I ever felt unsafe within my apartment, traveling to my car, or even walking around the neighborhood (there are often walkers throughout the day and evening). I have some concerns about my car being parked along the street, but I keep absolutely nothing of value within it other than my car itself, and my car would be quite easy to track.<br><br>I moved into the complex about a month after Bozzuto acquired the property, so they are all that I have ever known here. The office staff seem to change very frequently; and it has been explained to me that this is because of a rotation program within Bozzuto which results in personnel switching about to their other properties on a regular basis. I have never had a problem calling the office: they always pickup during business hours. The main office closes at 1800, but the concierge closes at 2000.<br><br>The property manager has been, I believe, the only person whom has been there since I arrived; and she has been extremely kind and helpful. Actually, almost all of the staff has been great though there have been two exceptions, but those two have already departed on rotation (assumedly). Sometimes they bake cookies, but the cookies usually disappear within five minutes I wish they d bake more; they re good cookies.<br><br>They used to call whenever a package arrived, but recently I ve been finding that they re becoming increasingly lax on that. I see that they have been attempting to develop new methods of organizing packages and detailing whether a tenant has or has not yet been called, but the front desk staff (whom, I believe, typically maintains the package listing) has changed so frequently that I believe this it he biggest downfall of their whole package tracking system. If you are expecting a package, I recommend checking with them everyday until it arrives.<br><br>On several occasions, they have attempted to overcharge me by $20 on the rent quoted in my lease. I suspect something in their computers is wrong, as this error has occurred with several different employees. Each time, I notify them of this, they disappear to check on something (presumably my lease), then return a couple minutes later and charge me the proper amount. It s not a huge issue to me, but it s something to definitely keep an eye out for.
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Concord Park at Russett

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