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kljmusic • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2006
I moved in late December of 2006. At first, things were good. No major problems but one. I have ants in my apartment. It is going on month number two and the ants are still here!! I am tired of having to look up and see ants running all over my walls. It is the freekin winter time...where the hell are the ants coming from..shouldn't they be hibernating or something. If I have them now....can you guys imagine when it gets warmer. I can just picture it now! The apartment will probably get taken over with ants. <br><br>I have notified the rental office and they treated the apartment with boric acid (isn't that used for roaches...the ants are having too much fun walking right through it to get onto my walls). I asked the rental office if they had a protocal for treating ants....the answer was no which left me frustrated. <br><br>I have went through two cans of insect spray (one can in one week). The ants are comimg in through window cracks (the windows are old and drafty), they are coming somehow through my entry door, as well as, the balcony area.<br><br>The complex is nice and quiet. Repairs I have been done within two days but my ant problem still remains.
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