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Duvall Westside



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Recommended
Reviewed 05/30/2019
I've lived in this community for two years now. I moved in when the property was still considered Modera Westside. Modera was an amazing property owner. They were quick in responding to issues, kept the grounds clean and it seemed like our entry gates actually worked then & the leasing office was actually open for 7 days! Although it says that the Community Clubhouse is 24 hrs, the leasing associates tend to lock up majority of the clubhouse once they close. What's the point of living someplace if you can't access the clubhouse amenities whenever you 'd like? Since property has switched to Duvall, I am moderately satisfied. My car has been hit TWICE (of course I don't know who did it) due to narrow and small parking spaces; at times I can hear my neighbors snoring or just talking (very thin walls) & I live next to the elevator! The upkeep of the pool has decreased tremendously and the pool just opened this past weekend! Honestly, I wish Duvall never took over Modera; but fingers crossed that Duvall will actually improve this property. Overall, this place is pretty pricey for what its worth; but it is also a lot better than other apartment complexes in Maryland.Yet, due to the high price of this property, there should be some things that simply never occur. Trash overflowing because it wasn't picked up, should not occur. Not being able to access the clubhouse on a Sunday, just because the leasing office is closed, should not occur. Not being able to find reasonable parking within proximity to your building should not occur. Careless hit and run car accidents, due to narrow and tight parking spaces, should not occur. There should be better lighting around the community as well. We should not have to walk out to the dumpster in the middle of the night, barely able to see. I understand that every place has its pros and cons; but with the amount of rent that we residents pay on a monthly basis, there is no reason why we should have needs to complain. I hope to stay with Duvall for another year prior to leaving. Prayerfully, my experience here will improve and be much more satisfying.
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Duvall Westside

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