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9523 Muirkirk Road

Laurel, MD 20708



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LB21 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2005
My boyfriend and I moved here in October of last year, and thankfully our lease is ending in a few weeks. When we first visited this apartment complex we loved it! It looked clean, well kept, and the staff was extrtemely nice and accomodating! What a joke! The first blow came on the first day when the apartment was a lot smaller than they had promised us it would be. It was our fault for going off the model instead of seeing our actual apartment, but we lived with it. Then we realized that our tub and bathroom sink were clogged, so everytime you took a shower the water stayed in the tub as if you were running a bath. A few times I had to stop my shower and let some of the water slowly drain out so that it would not overflow. I called the rental office numerous times and finally threatened to file a formal complaint and they fixed it. Among other things we are on the ground floor (the worst!) and the doors aren't fully sealed which leads to all types of bugs from crickets and knats to daddy long leg spider and otehr funny looking things. The people who lived above us were constantly moving things around and had a dog that howled constantly which stopped me from sleeping. I have never had my car stolen or vandalized, but that's probably because I have an alarm on it and try my best to park as close as possible to the building. I have seen two other cars that were broken into. Parking sucks because if you are not in by 7 or 8, you have to park very far away. The neighbors are friendly, but the kids are bad as hell! And there are always 1/2 full and empty Corona bottles laying around the parking lot. The worst part of it was when the drain in front of our door, right in front of the laundry room was stopped up. The water got so high that we had to jump across it to get off the step and to our apartment door. I called and complained numerous times and once again had to demand the manager and threaten to file a formal complaint. They even tried to lie and say it hadn't been fixed yet because they had to hire a contractor to do some special work, but when I started my threats they were there that day! Speaking of laundry rooms, these are dirty, and the machines are always broken! There is only one machine that allows you to put money on your card and it's often broken so you are SOL! I would not reccommend this place to anyone, especially with their prices constantly raising!!
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