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RiverBay Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
There is a reason why the Riverbay Townhomes have among the lowest in the area. We were one of the first tents to move into the Townhomes. The Townhomes are nice. It's every thing else you have to watch for. For starters, the managment is terrable. We lived there for a year. In that year,they have gone threw 5 diffrent managers. Three of them were fired for poor managment practices. The current manager is not much better than those before him. As far as the owner of the complex goes, good like trying to contact him with any concerns or complaints. Every time we've tried to contact him, he's "not available," and he never returns any phone calls. I'm an not sure if it has changed in the few months since we've moved, but the last that I knew, they only had one maintance worker to take care of over 50 units, so getting things repaired took a while. Do not be decieved but the web page or brochure. The club house, pool and nature trail promised are not true. The club house and pool are built, but you do not have full time access to the club house. The fitness center is a couple of tred mills. The last I checked, there were no computers in the computer room, and no washers and driers in the laundry room. Mind you, the club house opened April 05. The same thing goes with the swimming pool. It was not opened all summer long. They told us the reason why it wasn't open is because they were waiting on a pump. Come on. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A PUMP FOR A POOL? Rumor has it, that the real reason why the pool was not open is because they installed it imporperly to meet the codes and it has to be rebuilt. They did offer a pass to go over to another complex to use there pool, 20 minutes away. No thank you. In the time we were there, there were several instance were the police had to be called. Including a drive by shooting on a house where a drug deal went bad, at lest two stabbing, a wife or girlfriend beaten so bad that they had to call the EMTs. Not to mention all of the drug dealers in known drug dealers in the complex and the CHILD MOLESTER, who doesn't live there, but spends way too much time there for my taste. Several mailboxes and units have been vandalized and destroyed. I could could go on, but hopefully I've made my point. Military folks take it from me, you will be much better off in base housing or at a diffrent location, especially if you have kids.
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RiverBay Townhomes

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