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46860 Hilton Drive #502

Lexington Park, MD 20653



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thakid • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
I have lived in the Greens for about 2 months now. As far as bugs or rodents are concerned, I have yet to see one...Of course if I did, I would not come to a website and complain, or call the office, I would probably stop being such a slob. Maybe I would stop leaving things that may attract pests to my apartment....And if I did get some kind of pests in my apartment, I might try traps or bug bombs before complaining to the managment about my every little problem. I mean grow up people, take your problems into your own hands first. If it is something serious I can completley understand, but you have to realize how many other people live there and that a clogged toilet or the likes is not going to send the maintenance man running. I have not had one problem, with the exception of the family who lives above me has kids that like to drop food and the likes from the third floor down to the first floor landing. <br><br> Yes the rent is a little expensive, but if you want to complain, go buy a damn house. Housing in St Marys has skyrocketed, hence rent follows hello economics 101. If you dont like the price, go somewhere more expensive cause you arent gonna find alot of places much cheaper. <br>
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The Greens at Hilton Run

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