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37 Alberge Lane, Middle River, MD 21220
37 Alberge Lane, Middle River, MD 21220

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Whispering Woods Townhomes



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AmberD30 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2013
First off this is the single WORST place I've ever lived, I've only been here 2 and a half months. IF YOU READ ANY OF THIS THEN READ THIS, DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! When we viewed the town-home a week before we moved in there were holes in the wall, JUST primer on all the counters,wood floor that is horribly scratched and no stove or fringe. They told me and my roommate that everything would be finished before we moved in. We didn't receive a fringe or stove until two weeks after we moved in, they fixed the counters (not very well and in the process they ruined almost everything in my kitchen) only two weeks ago. I couldn't use it that entire time. The floor has never been replaced. later we found mold in all the bathrooms, half the plus in our home do not work and many other thing were broken or just don't work. None of this has been fixed let alone addressed by the apartment management. I put in 6 work orders the first month I was here and every time they said I never filled one out. Then our Air conditioner went out. THEY DIDN'T FIX OUR AC FOR 3 WEEKS! In the middle of July. My and my roommate put in work orders, about 3 and they also said they never saw those. They told us when we first moved here that they had 5 maintenance men, later I found out there's ONE and he doesn't speak and English at all. They said the reason he couldn't fix our ac was because he was taking "personal days". I finally had to threaten report them to their higher management in order for them to fix my AC. Now the AC half works because they gave us our neighbors unit that went out a few weeks before that! So the ac makes a horrible loud sound that can be heard everywhere in the house anytime its on. They still haven't contacted me about the work order for that either. Then there is the management themselves. They are some of the rudest people I've EVER dealt with. When you try to talk to any of the ladies in the office they do anything and everything to avoid you.They only one who bothers to do their job is the man in the office. There is a young lady that works there and anytime you try to call shes VERY rude and has called me a liar on many occasions. I hope she is let go because she should not be working with people whatsoever. I'm really mad because I have a small table and Grill on my porch and she keeps coming up to my door repeatedly BEATING, not knocking, and even try to force the door open! I do believe that management cannot just come into your home to leave a freaking letter! She tries to open my door every time she comes to my home. Anyway they say they're going to throw everything on my porch away if I don't put it in the house, I asked when I signed my lease if we could have patio stuff and it was "encouraged". Also I can no longer check my mail because either my key or my box lock is broken so my box wont open, I told the office. They basically said it is not their problem. So I will have no mail for SIX MONTHS! Never invite friends over either, they will be towed, even if they have to right parking passes from the office. This place is just awful, children run wild in the street, there's yelling all the time, trash everywhere, management doesn't help or do anything for that matter,they lie to you, they have one maintenance man and there are so many more reasons NOT to live here. I honestly wish there was something lower than one star to give this place. Also NONE of the picture they post on their site are what the apartments/town homes look like.
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Whispering Woods Townhomes

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