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Whispering Woods Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/29/2013
First off, DO NOT LIVE HERE! They may be cheap but you get what you pay for. I lived there for 2 god awful years only because it was cheapest not by choice what so ever. so much has happened i dont even think i can remember it all. First off our bath tub was rusted, i put in a work order they claimed nothing was wrong, they needed to replace my toilet and in the process the maintenance man CRACKED the tank and water flooded my bathroom, when i called the office the man accused me of purposefully cracking my own toilet! why anyone would do that is beyond me.. The drawers in the kitchen are made cheap as can be. we needed one fixed they sawed it in half and threw different pieces together and then it fell apart that same day, then our freezer went up and they gave us a "new" refrigerator only new to them means someone else's problems. it was old and had so much condensation it FILLED the bottom drawers with water. Trash is all over the place and they wonder why they have mice, there are drug dealers who live there, bcpd is there every night to patrol the hieghborhood, they let a man who attacked three women on one street stay there, the kids run rampant up and down the streets throwing balls at your doors, scratching your cars yelling, screaming and being loud 24/7 (summertime is hell there)the people who work in the office live there so they dont give a crap. their management is a JOKE! i had a dog for 1 month got rid of it and Amy (so called assistant property manager) charged me 2 extra months for a dog i didnt have. neighbors are rude, do not know how to park my car has been hit multiple times there. there is a woman who lives there who sells candy, junk food etc.. to little kids exploiting them.. oh and good luck accesssing the laundry room, luckily i never had to use it, but the door has been broken many times from kids, they hang out in there constantly!! i can go on and on and on as to why not to live there. tanya who works in the office will BANG AND BANG on your door just to tell you if you shorted them money on rent or water! even if its just 10 cents!
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Whispering Woods Townhomes

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