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Whispering Woods Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2014
Hey I have been living here for a year now, and after reading the reviews i decided to write one. The first month i moved in there was a LOUD noise whenever i turned on the bathroom that kept my kids from going to the bathroom at night. I complained about it and they came over and sprayed it with wd40...lol which helped THROUGH THE NIGHT!. They then came over after complaining to the office again they replaced the old fan. WHOOOO i never seen so man brave mice until moving here it was so many of them they came out in the daylight. (I am one of the cleanist people youll meet, so i didnt invite them) the exterminator came and lets 6...yes 6 traps out at night u can here the mouse traps being snapped! i woke up to 6 f***** mice the exterminator came the next day and found that there were holes all through the house that the maintenace man soon patched up....after that there were no more mice problems! WHICH BASICALLY MEANS THAT THEY FIX UP THE PLACE GOOD ENOUGH FOR U TOO MOVE IN INSTEAD OF FIXING EVERYTHING THE RIGHT WAY THE WHOLE HOUSE IS A TEMPORARY FIX UNTIL IT SLOWLY STARTS FALLING APART. havent seen any drud dealings or any drama its a nice peaceful neighborhood, kid friendly, nice setting close to malls and stores great price my advice to you is to check it out on ur own if you have a tour to check out a home look through the home throughly check for holes so that they can be fixed before you move in . i mean honestly i like living here i told the truth in the review i plan on staying here never had a problem with staff
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Whispering Woods Townhomes

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