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Whispering Woods Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/27/2016
I normally dont write reviews but I feel the need to warn people. If you are looking for a decent place to stay. This is not the place. I repeat THIS IS NOT THE PLACE!! They cant keep no one here. Everytime you turn around its moving trucks here with folks leaving.I only stayed here an extra year because I couldnt afford to move and I care about my credit. My lease is up next month and im outta here. Please, spare yourself the headache. I moved out here due to the fact that it's secluded and I thought that this place was peaceful. The people seemed nice and professional. Now its a whole new team of miserable folks. The management company is petty. They don't work with you. If you ever fall on hard times, these folks here will not support you. Instead they send harassing letters and call almost daily about the rent and the month isn't even out yet. I never ever skipped a month on paying the rent but they treat you like scum and harass the hell out of you almost daily. They filed on me with a balance as low as 10 dollars. It clearly was an oversite on my part. Instead of sending one of their harrasing letters, or making one of their harrasing calls. They said nothing about the balance and fIled a court notice as if I didn't even pay the rent. They sent a letter after filing saying they can't accept a partial payment. Which cost me an additional 50 dollars because they billed the filing fee to me. If your rent isnt paid by the 4th you're geting a letter and a phone call. You can explain to them or you can make a partial payment. They will still harass you.. They have no sympathy for no one. These are some miserable miserable people and they are unprofessional. I made numerous complaints about the excessive Marijuana use from my neighbors. The vents are all connected and my home was filled with the smell. I complained. They never did anything about it. The neighbors walk their dogs and they don't clean up the ----, so it's flies buzzing around the house due to the fact that it's attracted to the ----. The winter time, they take their time with cleaning and don't even do a good job. It was a big man size hole in the front of the rental office. It took them months to fix. The list goes on and on. The community Is FILLED With Trash almost all the time. If you don't have a car the bus service is crap. They need to shut this place down seriously. Do not rent from Whispering Woods. It'll be the biggest mistake in your life.
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Whispering Woods Townhomes

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