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Whispering Woods Townhomes



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Si_W • Prospective Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2018
Worst experience ever dealing with Whispering Woods and consultant Jasmine Wright and they have YET to refund us our hold deposit. My best friend and I stumble across this place because we really needed a place to move to and it was within the price range. The demo was nice and Jasmine was nice at first. We gave her our hold deposit on Oct. 5th because the apartment would not be available until Oct. 21st. Our move-in date was Nov. 4th and when we view the property on Nov 2nd we were completely disgusted at what we saw. The pest control came in the same day and it was rat turds and dead roaches in the kitchen. Where it look like it was a dishwasher they just put a board over top of it. They removed all of the draws, painted the doors shut, and it look like a hole was punched in the bathroom doors and just patched over it. So we told them same day that we do not want the apartment and that's when Jasmine became the rudest person ever. She became very condensing and claim that our hold deposit was not refundable. We called several days later and she stated that it was not refundable because it was passed 30 days even though we requested it within 30 days. So when we finally got her to agree on returning our check, she stated that it would take 45 days for the return. My best friend contacted them today more than 2 months later and one consultant said that they just cut a check and when we called back asking for management # Jasmine answered and gave us another run around and then left us on hold until we hung up. The whole company is BS and their consultants are just as worse and we are still waiting on our hold deposit.
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Whispering Woods Townhomes

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