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Queenstown Apartments

3301 Chillum Road

Mount Rainier, MD 20712



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Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
There is drug- dealing and prostituting happening. On numerous occasions my daughter has complained that she can t sleep because of all the fussing and fighting in the hall. It is stressful to come from work and have to deal with inconsiderate neighbors. Mold is constently growing in the bathroom. Since moving into my apartment, I have developed allergies and sinus infections (maybe because of the unofficial lab that i have developed in my bathroom) They recently installed vents in the bathroom so they may help the problem. There is a serious problem with roaches and rats and/or mice. The washing machines are always out of service. Recently, I almost stepped on dog feces that was in the hallway. Food, trash, and cigarette butts are left in the hall for long period of time. Maintenance is not keeping it clean. The tenants opens their or someone else s mail and leave the empty envelopes on the floor. I ve seen security verbally harass young kids in their custody, while waiting for PG Police. I've seen fierce dogs roaming around the neighborhood. I ve seen people forcing their dogs to fight. I shouldn t have to step over spit, feces, or trash to get into my apartment. Shoot, my neighbors even fight each other. I have sent a written complaint to the rental office. Anyone else that has these issues should do the same. Most of these problems mentioned above are illegal activities that management has done nothing about. I contacted headquarters (Edgewood Management Corporation -yes the main office) and the receptionist wouldn't give me the full name of the person that i needed to complain to. She said that she wasn't allowed to give out that information (like i asked her for her SSN number). Now what does that tell you; when you can't get headquarters to respond to complaints. Last summer i was without a properly working a/c. I was still asking for the a/c in Decemeber. They brought my a/c to me after Christmas. You have to complain, complain, complain. I've had maintenence come in my apartment and do shoddy work, which they got upset because i asked them to do it over. Queenstown is located in a perfect location which is right outside of DC. Sad thing is that DC is becoming unaffordable, so their riff raff is slowly but surely migrating to PG County (the nineth ward). If you want drama, by all means, move here. Queenstown is the pits as you can see from all of the complaints on this website. The good responses are probably coming from someone who works for them and are getting a serious discount. I guess you get what you pay for. It's not worth the money or hassle. Oh, i forgot - good luck on parking when your neighbor has four cars.
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Queenstown Apartments

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