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This is what happens when you leave yourself three days to find an apartment in the DC area. What a disaster!! <br> <br>On the day we looked at a model, the grounds seemed fairly clean and there were beautiful flowers around the driveway of the main entrance. That is the only part of the grounds anyone ever bothered to maintain. The model apartment seemed nice enough, but no frills -- the appliances were older but the carpet was nice and the place was clean and spacious. <br> <br>The actual apartment we rented was disgusting -- there were stains and even melted/burnt spots in the carpet, a hole in the paneling of a living room wall, and a leaky faucet in the kitchen. The gas stove didn´t work when I turned it on... I discovered that the maintenance people had painted over the gas holes in the burners so thick that no gas could get through, so I poked them all with a pin to make them work. Then I couldn´t find an electrical outlet in the bathroom. After scouring for several minutes, we found one plug-in in the medicine cabinet, of all places... and guess what? It had been painted over as well -- I had to practically hammer my first plug into the outlet for it to work. <br> <br>On several occasions our ceiling leaked over our main hallway. Being that we had neighbors directly above us, rain wasn´t causing the leak. The first time we called maintenance, they suspected that the upstairs neighbors´ toilet was leaking, so they ´fixed´ that. About 2 weeks later the ceiling started leaking again... but by the time maintenance made it to the apartment the ceiling had stopped dripping so I was told they ´couldn´t do anything about it´. This back-and-forth between us and maintenance went on for four months before they actually tore open the ceiling and replaced a damaged pipe. <br> <br>At first we had no problem with pests, but by January/February we were crawling with cockroaches as large as my index finger. Every morning I could be guaranteed to find at least one crawling around the apartment. The management was nice on the surface but only paid lip service to my complaints. They had exterminators come in weekly, but our unit couldn´t be treated unless it was our building´s week to be exterminated. Then they would only treat our apartment, not any of our neighbors´. I was told that since I rarely saw more than one cockroach at a time, this was not a habitability issue. Not until I threatened a court order did they send an exterminator special for our apartment (in June, five months after seeing the first roach). After that, we didn´t see anymore in our apartment, but I found many dead ones all over while packing up to move. And the parking lot was teeming with them, mostly because many people left food containers and empty bottles all over the place. <br> <br>Interesting that the cockroach problem arose when *six* men were allowed to live in a *one*-bedroom apartment below us.... <br> <br>Trash was collected once a week, and recycling was supposed to be as well. However, the only recycling I ever saw in the dumpster was our own, and it was collected maybe two or three times the whole year we were there. The dumpsters were always overflowing, and weekends were especially gross on the grounds because the cleaning staff had off on Saturday and Sunday. <br> <br>The walls of the apartments are paper thin, and we had a thug living next to us who had people coming to his place at all hours of the day. (Can´t say for sure, but I have a hunch he was a drug dealer... the blinds to his place were always closed, and there were strange people coming and going from there all the time.) His loud sex with whatever women would wake up a baby who would start screaming in the middle of the night. Again, the management blew sunshine up our a**es and promised to deal with this guy, and told us in the meantime to call the police with noise complaints to get evidence of problems on him. Well, anyone who has lived here for any amount of time knows how effective the PG County police are. Most of the time they ignored me, the rest of the time it would take over an hour to arrive, and by that time the noise had usually stopped. The management might have actually talked to him once or twice, because the noise would sometimes stop for a week or two. Oh yeah, and they posted signs around the complex noting the ´quiet hours´ of 10 pm-8 am. But nothing ever really got resolved. <br> <br>It was not uncommon to see groups of men hanging out on the picnic tables and stairs smoking pot and making inappropriate comments to women. There was often broken glass on the dirt paths where people walked and children rode their bikes. <br> <br>The only good thing about it was the location -- 2 minutes from the beltway, a 20-min. walk to the New Carrollton station, and 2 grocery stores and a CVS within walking distance. <br> <br>I dare you to find a place closer to Hell on Earth... and I wouldn´t wish Heritage Square on my worst enemy. And if this is any indication of how Kay Management deals with their tenants... avoid them like the plague!! <br> <br>

Review 72 out of 73

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