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Hilltop Apartments

5306 85th Avenue

New Carrollton, MD 20784



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fedupwithignorance • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
I've been a tentant at Sutton Walk for 5yrs and my husband and I decided this will be our last year. We've never seen roaches but have had experiences with the HORRIBLY, RUDE, INCOMPETENT, INGNORANT AND CLUELESS STAFF -- ALL 3 SETS.<br><br>They change staff in that office as frequently as I change my tampoons. The realty company NEVER take time to see what is happening to their tenants -- how badly or wonderfuly well they're being treated by their staff, they NEVER notify the tenants or even bother to introduce us to their staff, despite the unchanging personality in the staff they keep bringing in, which speaks LOUD VOLUMES ABOUT THE REALTY COMPANY AND HOW THEY OPERATE -- HEAD MESSED UP BODY WILL BE MESSED UP!!!! They're probably underpaying those ignorant idiots which is why we tenants have been suffering so much. They keep the outside up nicely but the insides are peeling and falling apart due to unending water leaks that have been caused by their INCOMPETENT, SO-CALLED MAINTENANCE TEAM. I've met my neighbors by our general discussions of just how awful the others waterleaks are. Our bathroom ceiling is peeling (reported it 7 times verbally/written and got nowhere), and our floor tile has lifted due to the constant water leaking from the sink pipes that THE SO-CALLED MAINTENANCE CREW SWEARS ISN'T LEAKING -- that we're doing something. <br><br>Readers, you CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! These neanderthals are on CRACK, SMACK,WEED WHACK AND PROBABLY SNIFFIN' SH-T FROM THE AS- OF SHACK....I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT IT'S WRONG AND ALL I KEEP COMING BACK TO IS IGNORANCE -- THAT MUCH IGNORANCE SHOULD NOT REST THIS LONG IN ONE PLACE BECAUSE IT GROWS LIKE THE MILDEW ON OUR BATHROOM WALLS AND IT DESTROYS THE VERY ESSENCE OF THAT WHICH IS GOOD, WHICH IS WHY MY HUSBAND IS MOVING HIS FAMILY OUT AT THE END OF OUR CONTRACT BECAUSE HE'S HAD, I'VE HAD IT AND WE'VE HAD IT WITH OUR KIDS HAVE TO BE AFRAID TO COME HOME AFTER SCHOOL NOT KNOWING IF THEY'RE GOING TO BE RAPED BY THE UNLAWFUL ENTRY OF OUR HOME BY ONE OF THEIR STAFF. SOME SERIOUS HARM WOULD BE DONE TO EVERYBODY IN THAT PLACE.<br><br>You know it's awfully TRAGIC that the realty company REFUSES TO BELIEVE ANY OF THE COMPLAINTS that have been brought to their attention, particularly from the long time tenants who would know if there were changes and that alone should make them jump at trying to get to the root of the problem which is CLEARLY THEIR IGNORANT STAFF, but since they've chosen to ignore the complaints of their GOOD TENANTS than they will have to suffer any consequences that will befall them, and believe me, you can't treat people this cruel and think that it will not someday in your life return to you. We might not be around or alive to see it but everybody have their day of PUNISHMENT and I'm not talking about Jesus Judgement, I'm talking about worldy judgment which is less forgiving than Jesus' judgment.<br><br>This staff is STUCK ON STUPID FROM THE TOP OFFICE TO THE BOTTOM RENTAL OFFICE. I can't understand why there isn't just ONE PERSON IN THAT OFFICE THAT WOULD SAY, "HEY, WE ARE WRONG AND WE NEED TO TREAT THESE PEOPLE BETTER BECAUSE IT'S HOW WE WOULD WANT, MAYBE NOT OURSELVES, BUT THOSE THAT WE CARE MORE ABOUT THAN OURSELVES, TO BE TREATED. ISN'T THERE ONE PERSON IN THERE WITH MORAL VALUES AND RESPECT FOR THE NEXT HUMAN BEING?! ISN'T THERE ONE?! <br><br>We stayed with the hopes things would get better but see that it isn't going to and after reading all these tenant complaints and the one woman who 1st stated things were good and a few short months returned with her DON'T DO IT complaint is very distrubing and it troubles me because it doesn't make sense to me that EVERYBODY IN THE REALTY COMPANY AND THE RENTAL OFFICE COULD BE THIS WAY, AND DOESN'T MAKE YOU WONDER ABOUT THE OTHER COMPLEXES THEY'RE RUNNING? WELL, IF IT DOESN'T, IT SHOULD, because you'll end back up in the same sorry situation you're in now if you don't find out what other complexes they have. My husband has already pulled up every complex that REALTY MANAGEMENT is SO-CALLED-NOT RUNNING AND THEY ALL HAVE HORRIBLE COMPLAINTS, WHICH MEANS WHAT, THAT IT STARTS WITH THE HEAD AND, SAY IT WITH ME, IF THE HEAD IS MESSED UP THAN SO WILL THE BODY, VERY GOOOOOOD. THE HEAD IS THE SO-CALLED MANAGEMENT AND THE BODY WOULD BE THEIR STAFF. <br><br>Isn't this sad? Really, this should not be and I'm only here because someone told me about and I felt it would be selfish if I didn't at least put my WARNING TO STAY AWAY out here; i believe that if we're able to help another than we should do it, and this is the only way that i can see myself helping you -- by EXPOSING WHAT HAS BEEN HAPENING TO ME AND MY FAMILY!!! <br><br>Folks, my lunch break is over and I've got to return to my CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY space so that I can keep those who PAY ME (the customers) happy, as they're always telling me how they enjoy reaching me because I am one of the nicest representatives working at the IRS. I told one customer if she recently saw me at my rental office that she'd swear it wasn't me. We laughed and she said,"Baby, sometimes folks take you into the battle field thinkin you're unarmed until you KNOCK THE SH-T OUTTA THEM!" "AMEN" was all i could say through my screaming laughter. <br><br>Please readers, beware of both Sutton Walk and Lenox Court because they're all breeding from the same infested niggple. <br><br>May Peace Sustain You! Lord knows we who are still here need it ABUNDANTLY!!<br><br>
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