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Hilltop Apartments

5306 85th Avenue

New Carrollton, MD 20784



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Office Staff
TooTiredToFightAnymore • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
I'm a 4-yr resident at Sutton Walk and will be leaving as soon as my contract is up in October 2007. The first year was okay, and I'm guessing that it's because I really didn't have to deal too much with the rental office. They're very nice to you when they're trying to fill their apartments -- all about the money -- and once you're in, the mask of kindness is pulled off and all you have left is the rudness and unnecssary mistreatment from the ENTIRE STAFF in that office. They towed my car and several other tenants cars, without any notice, to fill a pothole that, although is covered, still looks very tacky. They do enter the tenants apartments without notice and never leave any notice that they were in your apartments, but you know they've been in there because they'll either leave the top lock unlocked or leave the door entirely unlocked so anybody can walk in and rob you blind, but you really don't have to worry about anyone off the streets coming in to rob you when the realty office is doing all the break-ins and robbing. Like another dissatisfied tenant, this too is my childs last year in her school and as much as I wanted to wait for her to finish, I decided that my sanity was more important, and to lease from this on a month-to-month basis would be costly and nowhere near worth what they're asking. Dontae and his entire staff are rude and are always caught talking about other tenants. They curse a lot in front of the tenants and could care less who you are or what you think. They have too many chiefs in that office and not enough -------. Also, the maintenance is awful; they have one guy that they keep calling on and I don't know half the time what he's saying, so I just shake my head whatever and ask him to tell me yes or no if the problem can be fixed. I have also seen the fair-skinned maintenance guy that lives somewhere on the property always sitting in front of buildings that he doesn't live in and just watching people as he smokes, which seems like he does all the time, makes you understand why nothing's getting fixed because he's always on a smoke break. My apartment is constantly being flooded with water from the above apartment and the woman above me is being flooded by her top neighbor and the man below me curses me out all the time because his stuff is getting soaked. I've seen roaches and have complained about those and was told that I would have to get foggers because that wasn't Sutton Walks problem, that there weren't any complaints from the last from 3-yrs ago so I must have brought them. I'm telling you people out there that these people really do talk to us rudely and there is no cause for it. I just left an abusive marriage and will be a fool to take this type of abuse and have my children exposed to so I've decided that I'll let the apartment fall down around us since calling them is useless - everytime you file a maintenance complaint and have to call back, vaugh or a woman whose name I have yet to get, makes you give them allllllll the information again! Now, why is that necessary if the first person who took the call wrote it down?! Because they're not writing anything down. Those people in that office are the rudest bunch of sonsofwitches I've ever encountered in customer service, and I say that because you're immediately greeted with an attitude; like you're bothering them, but isn't true that without us that they would have no jobs?! I was just wondering. The straight truth is that Sutton Walk and from what I've heard and read about Lenox Court are the places to STAY AWAY FROM BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE GOOD FOR THE FIRST PART BUT IT WILL GET WORST! <br><br>Thank you for allowing me to add my nightmares that seem to be with during the day as well. So tired folks! Evil is alive and thriving. <br><br>Does anyone know if managment read these complaints because the complaint that I wrote to Sutton Walk got no response, and I asked for a response to ensure they got it, that was last year and I still haven't heard anything. Oh well, if they don't care about their tenants concerns what is the real use of complainging when you have to make the decision to leave, so we're leaving.
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