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Windsor Villa



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DC2005 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
There is merit to most of the negative comments listed on this site, but overall, this is a good place to live. I have lived here for 2 years, so I have a large enough timeframe to make an objective review.<br><br>The rent IS expensive, but it is not outrageous. Not by DC Metro standards, anyway. <br><br>I have read about the noise problems and have even spoken to other residents about their complaints, but I have not had that experience myself. I guess it really depends who you live next door to or under.<br><br>Location is great. Great shopping, only 1 1/2 blocks from White Flint Metro, 5 minutes to Beltway by car. Situated on a relatively peaceful block about 500 meters from the busy Rockville Pike.<br><br>Parking garage is convenient and there is no extra charge (!). However, this is where some of the problems do begin. Residents speed in a tight area (not management's fault that most people are not considerate when behind the wheels these days), often park over the line which takes 2 spots or causes you an extremely tight squeeze (could be solved with management involvement, but they are not interested), automatic garage door is ALWAYS broken (I'd say about 50% of the total time I have lived here, including right now - this is a big ding on management because security is important and this issue should have been solved LONG ago).<br><br>Fitness room is small, but very convenient. Pool is fine. Guest parking is a great feature. Management staff has been very responsive to my 3-4 requests over the last 2 years - those who complain need to remember that some places in DC Metro Area don't even have guest parking. Being across the street from a golf driving range can cause close calls - definitely need to factor that in when choosing an apartment!<br><br>I have read about garbage being left out in front of apartments and dog feces on the internal walkways and, although not an everyday occurence, I must say that it has happened much more than once or twice. It is EXTREMELY aggravating to have these unsanitary occurrences happen in a place I call home, but it could be solved by management walkthroughs and action. They don't seem to do it, though. I have complained about both issues and have gotten nowhere with management staff. I blame bad neighbors and general "I don't give a ----" attitude" (literally, in this case) among fellow residents and poor customer service and standards enforcement (non-existent) from management.<br><br>Garbage - this is another health concern. This complex has a huge garbage cart that compacts trash. People throw garbage from the upper levels of the parking garage (true) into this cart. Naturally some miss and garbage is strewn around the cart. More important than that is the fact that the compactor is not operated during the weekend (!), so trash is overflowing by Sunday. The system operates fine at other times. Why can't management schedule SOMEONE on the maintenance staff to work the weekend to ensure that this unsanitary condition is dealt with? It's too easy to fix and just takes the willingness to walk the grounds, to inspect, and a willingness to take action. Instead, managment staff prefers to sit in the office. The only positive is that this trash pileup is not very close to most apartment units. I'm sure that the people who live in the ones that are closer than mine have another take, though!<br><br>Maintenance - Absolutely fantastic! If there has been one bright spot about living here, for me, it is the responsive maintenance staff - NOT the front office, but from the actual maintenance chief and his team.<br><br>Overall - I like living here. This is NOT a luxury apartment building, but it is a nice complex that could be a great complex with more quality control/quality assurance from the management staff. Maintenance problems are dealt with pretty quickly, but they just don't take proactive steps to solve everyday issues (mainly cleanliness and basic standards enforcement). Management staff is mostly friendly and generally solve most problems quickly.
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Windsor Villa

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