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The Pointe at White Marsh

8501 Walther Boulevard

Nottingham, MD 21236



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Kristyn_S • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2018
My boyfriend and I moved out of our parent's houses and decided to rent from here. First off, when moving day came they gave us a unit that didn't meet the criteria we specifically discussed with the consultant when we came to check the place out a few weeks prior. We were then told there currently weren't any units available that met our requirements. We have a dog so we requested a unit not on the top floor with either a porch or balcony, with an in unit washer and dryer. We were then told that every unit was going to get its own washer and dryer within the next few weeks. We got the keys to a unit on the top floor of the building without a washer and dryer. So we called over to the leasing office to inform them about the missing washer and dryer (we were going to let the fact that we were on the top floor slide...). They then offered us another unit on the top floor in a completely different building on the opposite side of the complex or a unit on the bottom floor in the front of our current building (so no balcony or porch, just a big window...)Since we already had all of our belongings and furniture packed in our uhaul, we decided to settle for the bottom floor apartment. A few months into our residency our towel rack in the bathroom came completely off the wall leaving two gigantic holes in the wall. I called maintenance and they came out while I was at work, I came home and the towel rack was completely unleveled and the spackle/paint job was the worst I've ever seen (pictures attached to review) two months later my kitchen flooded due to a clogged drainpipe behind the washer/dryer. The maintenance crew cleared out the clog, but once it was fixed, I started my washer up and the maintenance crew didn't hook up the pipe line to the drain and I had water everywhere again. The maintenance crew is friendly but a joke! Also it's been really inconvenient with all the water shut offs and random apartment maintenance every other week with only a day notice! This went on for like two months. They are constantly changing ownership, recently they changed from Alta Apartments to now the pointe at Whitemarsh- this made it difficult to pay our rent because they shut down the online payment service less than a week before rent was due, then decided to change their office hours for Saturday before New Years and close at 3, which was two days before rent was due. We have never paid at the front office, only online. So I wanted to clarify a few things before just dropping off a check in the drop box, especially because you're supposed to pay utilities with your rent so the amount you pay in rent is never the same. I was unable to do that due to their unannounced early closure and then not being open at all on New Year's Eve. The windows in my unit do not keep heat in so we are constantly freezing, no one picks up after their dogs, so there is risk of disease and everywhere you step, even on the sidewalk sometimes, there's feces. This makes it hard for my dogs to find a spot to go and makes walking over to the pool or fitness center very unpleasant. My rent is up in Nov 2018 and I will NOT be renting from here again. I know that when you rent a place, nothing will be perfect but this experience has been very, very far from perfect.
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The Pointe at White Marsh

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