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Tamarron Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
Tamarron Apartments is a well-run community with great floor plans and square footage. But somehow, for me, it has taken a turn for the worse. <br><br>The complex is kept very well and I have had few maintenance problems and I must say I love my space. The maintenance staff is attentive. The kitchen open to the living and dining rooms are a great feature. But as of March 2006 and periodically before, the management has changed and something became very wrong. <br><br>It seems as if there is a ring with a criminal/white supremacist element operating in the complex and I am sure that the newer management is aware of if not in on it. Around March of 2006 I noticed some arbitrary construction which seemed more for surveillance and pre-selected tenants than for the overall good of the community. I would even hear periodic drillings below my apartment as if surveillance equipment was being installed.<br><br>Since then I have experienced unwarranted intrusions into my apartement, attempted poisonings by tenants, purposeful misdirectings of my mail to tenants, unwarranted surveillance of my computer monitor and tv, financial records, etc. On several occasions I would come home from work and find residents on their cell phones communicating as if they were waiting for me to arrive. On one occasion I recieved mail directly from the management office purposely addressed to Olney in another state as an indication that they wanted me to move.<br><br>When I first moved in I got to meet two women, one of which became suspicious of me and my being there when she learned I did not drink nor smoke weed. Her friend also let me know that she often drove home drunk and side swiped other cars in the lot. One day I discovered my car had been hit and the repairs increased my insurance.<br><br>Structurally, my apartment suffers from undersized floor joists which means that the floor in every room bows down toward the center of the room. So no furniture will be level or square to the walls.<br><br>Overall, the complex is fine but the people in it has submitted themselves to the worst. Things would improve if residents would be content with who they are and what they have instead of "hating" on those they think have more going for them. I think the idea of mixed demographics in community living is an excellent idea. However, at Tamarron apartments, if some residents seek to pull other residents down instead of letting them be, mixed demographics is a lost cause and the stereotypes become true and divisive.
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Tamarron Apartments

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