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rent2high2manykids • Resident 2014 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2017
I u have kids that u don't supervise, if u play loud music, can't be bothered to put your trash in the trash can, have roaches/mice in your house then this is the place for you. skyrocketing water bills, fees for everything, now we have to pay for "valet trash removal" which is an easy way round for not dealing with folks too lazy to put their trash in the trash cans. when we revewed our lease last yr we were charged 8. for trash. now 18.00 month amounts to 26. for trash and 3. for "preventative" extermination. what is the point of having a lease if these companies can arbitrarily keep adding fees. What's next fees for maintenance. Yest, came home and almost ran over a kid in dark clothing, on dark recumbent bike, low to ground. When I told he needed to get out of the street he used the f-word, and u are not my mama. This used to be a very nice place to live. Habit can renovate, charge all he fees they want, until they deal with the real prob, the people who have no sense of community, people who let their kids do/say whatever they want, dogs that have no business in rental property, falcon crest will have a bad name in the rental community. Summers here are torture, kids, loud music everywhere, people hanging outside smoking weed. Pay more rent and move to new town, a place we should have never moved fr.
Falcon Crest Manager04/22/2017

Thank you for your review! Falcon Crest welcomes your comments and suggestions and will work with our staff to correct these issues to ensure a safe and peaceful home for you and all of our residents. Please let us know immediately after any occurrence so that we can address the situation as it happens. We are a multi-family, pet friendly community so there will be issues from time to time that will need to be addressed. We have employed the trash service in order to make for a clean environment. The service is making a noticeable improvement in Falcon Crest's appearance. Again, please stop by our office so that we can discuss your concerns and we can work together to make Falcon Crest the best place to call home. Thanks. Maxine Hagy Property Manager, Falcon Crest

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Falcon Crest

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