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Gates of Owings Mills



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Office Staff
Hone3st R3vi3w • Resident 2012 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 08/03/2015
We've lived at The Gates for over two years and are overall pleased with the community. When we moved in a few years ago, this was the highest rated apartment complex/community in Owings Mills (across multiple reviews sites). At the time, the leasing office was managed by Jenna and Rick. In 2014, Jenna left and the Managerial position was taken over by Jennifer (calls herself Jen). Between the two, Rick is the more COMPETENT person to deal with; gets requests done on time, correctly puts in the request, and doesn't jump to assumptions or inappropriate conclusions without knowing full details of a story. Since Jen has taken over the position, we as well as many of the neighbors that we have had discussions with, have mentioned the lack of timely communication (if any at all) around circumstances/events that affect the residents. PROS: - The grounds are well-kept year round - Gym is small, but is never packed with people - Maintenance responds to requests quickly - Online payment for rent - Friendly staff - annual holiday party and resident appreciation week CONS: -The snow removal team in 2014 did a poor job; empty parking spaces went un-plowed for days. Also, snow removal behind cars were poorly done. The leasing office failed to do anything about the poor workmanship. - Someone was keying resident's cars a few months ago. We were one of the residents who had our car keyed. We mentioned this to leasing office and was then told that we were one of a handful of people who had our cars get keyed. There should have been a MEMO about the car keying- this way, ALL residents would've been alert and on the lookout of suspicious people which would have increased the likelihood of the culprits being caught ! - Poor insulation in the apartments. Our rooms are the same temperature as outside (all year round). If it's cold outside- the room is back to freezing once the heat isn't blowing from the vent. We've had maintenance look into the windows for poor insulation, however, the issue is more so with the lack of insulation in the walls. - If your bedroom is close to the staircase, when people run up or down the stairs, your bedroom wall will vibrate/shake. - Some of the window locks, and weather strips in the apartments need to be replaced as they're poorly insulated and some of the screws are stripped. - MEMOs are delivered days AFTER the date on the MEMO. For instance, a MEMO was delivered today on 8/3. It is dated for 7/30. The deadline for inspection for one of the items listed on the MEMO is 8/4. This is short notice, and is not the first time this has happened.
Gates of Owings Mills Manager08/04/2015

Thank you for your positive comments about our community: we truly appreciate your feedback. Our team works diligently to make sure that our residents receive outstanding customer service. If you would like us to address the issues that you are unhappy with, please call the leasing office at 410-902-4700.

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Gates of Owings Mills

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