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Oxon Hill Village

2260 Alice Avenue

Oxon Hill, MD 20745



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marlowheights • Resident 1993 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
First of all, my comments are purely historical, since I lived in Dennis Grove (now Oxon Hill Village) as a boy back in the 60s. Reading over other reviewers' comments, all I can say is, "Wow, a lot has changed". Well, change is inevitable, and time waits for no one but itself. Still, I am saddened in reading of the extreme deterioration, and behavior of some of the residents there now.<br><br>I basically grew up in the area. After living in Dennis Grove, my family lived to 28th Parkway close to Oxon Run Park, then settled in Deer Park Heights (the duplexes off of Raleigh Road). That, too, has really deteriorated as well. Actually, Marlow Heights still pretty much looks the same: the old neighborhoods are there, Iverson Mall is still there, Marlow Heights Shopping Center is still there, heck, even Steak in a Sack is still there.<br><br>But back in the mid 60s, Dennis Grove was an attractive place for families like mine, military, close to Bolling and Andrews Air Force bases. We were typical lower middle class families, and Dennis Grove offered attractive accomodations at a very reasonable price. I don't remember crime being a problem then, and I frequently played outside until after dark. The "woods" behind my building (we lived at the back of the apartments, which faced out to the woods) gave us ample room to play, and the playground was well maintained.<br><br>The pool at Dennis Grove was a big attraction and many families took advantage of it. Sign of the times--I can still remember there being cigarette machines there. I had to swim the length and width of the pool for the privilege of being able to swim by myself.<br><br>I can't recall anything terrible happening at Dennis Grove, at least not in terms of horrendous crimes or "thugs" hanging out in the stairwells or laundry/trash rooms--that sort of thing wasn't allowed. But of course, that was a different time, wasn't it? What has transpired at Dennis Grove/Oxon Hill Village is no different than what has happened to much of the county since the mid to late 70s. We lived in Deer Park Heights (close to Stoddert Jr. High School) and that, too, was a very quiet, nice place to live, but, man, look at it now!<br><br>Oxon Hill Village is attractive in the sense that it is very close to DC and Virginia. However, this area, and other areas like it close to DC, need to inject some new life into it. I certainly hope that Oxon Hill Village can rise from the ashes and once again become a nice, safe, and decent place for folks to live. What the complex management and PG County police need to do is respond to calls and nip them in the bud.<br><br>By the way, I have a website about Marlow Heights in the 60s and 70s. It is:<br>www.marlowheights60sand70s.com<br><br>Keep the memories alive,<br><br>Chuck
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Oxon Hill Village

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