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Southview Apartments

1311 Southview Drive

Oxon Hill, MD 20745



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
Ummmm, where do I begin? Oh I know, CRIME. Take your pick. You will need to hire security to live here in Southview. For starters, you will need to hire someone to guard your car because of the stealing of plates or the damn car itself. My plates were stolen about two months ago, mind you I have been living here for about six months now, then the following week my car drove away without me behind the wheel. I called the police and they did come, it was the next day, but they did come. What was that all about. Are they scared to even come to Southview? You can go to the leasing off and inform them about what's going on and they will look at you with a blank look on their faces as if you are talking to people who are supposed to care. As long as they are not being jacked they don't want to be bothered.<br><br>Across the parking lot from my building is a "drug" store. Not the kind where you can purchase aspirin, bandaids, and toothpaste. But the kind of drugs that will kill your brain cells. The lil wanna be drug dealers are always roaming around the community causing havoc and it makes you wonder if this place is a prison with benefits.<br><br>There have been several shootings here and I think I need to purchase a bullet proof vest and see if there is any possible way that I can get bullet proof windows installed until I get the hell out of here. I do not recommend this place at all. Do not do it. Hell I should have done better research prior to moving over here.
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Southview Apartments

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