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St. Charles at Olde Court



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
I lived in St. Charles @ Olde Court twice. The first apartment I had was very nice and my stay there was great. The second time around, I stayed for 5 years and the 4th and 5th years were a disaster. I had mice and neighbors that hung their laundry across the railing of their patio (all apts. have washer and dryers)They also left their bags of trash in the hallway. Several complaints from the residents in the building and nothing changed. Front gate security will let any and everyone through the gate and children sitting on your cars and playing football hitting cars. Front entry door to the building locks were changed without notifying the tenants and they closed the rental office, so you had to buzz a neighbor to let you in until you could get your new key. Maintenance calls go unanswered for at least 48 hours and your rent is raised every year but they don't want to give you new appliances to replace the ancient ones that you already have. If the appliances are replaced, they will take the old ones from a vacant apartment and give you those. Upstairs neighbors kids, and parents all sounded like Bigfoot when walking through the apartment and the kids blast their music all day during summer and soon as they were home from school. Teenagers hung out in the hallways bocking the stairs to your apartment and the didn't live in the building. Police security is now patrolling the lots because of crimes being committed. The light in front of the building was out for over 30 days. Stray animals hanging in front of the building because neighbor throw out the unwanted food to feed them. Some electrical outlets throughout the apartment were not grounded causing shock.
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St. Charles at Olde Court

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