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The Residence at Waterstone



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
Moved here on February 1st and the only bad thing that's happened is that a sprinkler broke next door because the AC had been left on since the summer. So, needless to say, there was water pouring out of the apartment next door onto the balcony next to ours and it ruined 3 apartments to the left of ours, but ours was fine! Not a single drop, or anything. I think that says a lot about the construction. <br><br>We apparently have neighbours to our right but I haven't heard a thing, so either they're really quiet or the walls are thick enough that we can't hear them. Considering we didn't get flooded when the sprinkler broke, I'm going to assume that the thick fire walls are doing the trick.<br><br>I don't have complaints about this place other than the fact that the office staff needs to be in the office more often. Whenever we call, we get voicemail and they don't seem to return calls. On the weekends, no one is ever there, when they're supposed to be.<br><br>But, I think they're just understaffed. Whenever we do get into the office, everyone is very very nice and very helpful and of course, Matt is always kind and helpful. He's helped us out a lot.<br><br>Anyways, I'm looking forward to spending the summer here.. can't wait to try out the pool. Plenty of parking here, very quiet and so far, I'm very pleased.
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The Residence at Waterstone

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