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Carriage Hill Village

3456 Carriage Hill Circle

Randallstown, MD 21133



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/29/2006
The Leasing and Property Personnel are all very Unprofessional, they don't do what they say they will or follow up. Before I even signed the lease I had issues with the leasing consultants, the day I was set to sign my lease and move in was the day before a holiday and I was coming 200 miles to move to Maryland that day. And the office had closed early without any notice a phone call or anything. Imagine luggin all of your belongins two hundred miles only to have to turn right back around. I had scheduled that day as my move in day... you would think they would at least have the decency to notify me that the office would be closing early. The only reason I still moved in was because I wasn't familiar with the area and I had made so many trips back an forth to Maryland in search of an apt. that it was two late to try to find another one when I was about to start a new job that next week. <br>Then about a month or two into the lease the police were constantly coming to the property for one reason or another not to mention I heard gunshots on two occasion with the first three months of my lease. Next it was the garbage (dumpsters) always overflowing with trash and people's personal belongings they no longer wanted. Then it was the fire department...for two weeks straight they continued to come out every night to the same complex...I am assuming there was something wrong with the fire detetion system or something but they always happened to come out in the middle of the night always past 10pm. By the fourth month I begin to see droppings on my kitchen counters and stove. Maintanence came out weekly to do "seek and seals" but this didn't help at all. Eventually after the seventh month the mouse was caught only for another to appear a month later. I am soooo sick of living with rodents( I;m ready to start charging them half of the rent) I also feel that the Carriage Hill personnel) have a laxadasical attitude towards correcting or resolving most issues. (they'll get around to it when they can) If the carriage hill managers are well aware of the problems that a significant amount of their tennants face why don't they make a great effort to eleviate the problem. I do believe that the mice are field mice but to me that would make the problem an easier one to solve perhaps than a rodent problem caused by unsanitary tennats or living condtions. If I had more time I would go on.
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Carriage Hill Village

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