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Parkview Gardens



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
I moved into Parkview Gardens in October 2009. The day I moved in they were exterminating every apartment except mine. I really should have red flagged that they were exterminating but didn't. Within a week I would wake up scratching horribly. I initially thought maybe there were spiders in my apartment biting me until one day walking home there was a flyer on car about a mother whom had just moved due to bed bugs biting her infant child. As soon as I got in the house I googled to see how bed bugs look and sure enough I found 2 in my bed. I let the rental office know I had bed bugs and they sent and exterminator which absolutely didn't help. In early March I informed them that I'd be breaking my lease and will be out of there before April in which I was. They are now suing me for breaking the lease and clean up fees because I left my bed bug infested double top mattress and bug infested furniture. The nerve of this property and management. They didn't even offer to replace my infested furnishings nor my clothes thrown out. BTW prior to me breaking my lease my neighbors next door broke their due to an overwhelming infestation worse than mine. My neighbor beneath me informed me that the woman whom live there prior to me broke her lease due to bed bugs. This really is Fox News worthy how this property is getting away with murder.
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Parkview Gardens

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