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Parkview Gardens



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
Ok. I've been living at Parkview since Feb 2010. I got sucked in because it was gated. Im moving because the rent goes up yearly n their buildings r too old n not worth all that money. If you want nice amenities u have to pay an arm n leg for them n u can find the same amenities at other apartments for a cheaper price n a good location. Ok, my experience here. 1. Since Feb 2010, this month is the first time I've seen a mouse in my apartment. I saw it a Sunday n it was caught the next day, the nxt day the maintenance guy came n set a trap n he was gone. 2. I've seen small roaches n bugs before, but haven't in a while, thank god. Keeping fingers crossed that I dnt. 3. I dnt use the laundry room because have w/din my apt. 4. Maintenance is quick. At least for me. I be in e leasing office very often so they know me by name. Soon as something goes wrong I b in that leasing office n request it b fixed immediately. 5. My problem with maintenance is that they have "contractors" entering your apartment to fix things n they reusing your toilet n not flushing n making a need in your place n leaving it. I've already complained about that. I requested to not have them in my apt when I'm not home. 6. It's not really noisy, sometimes ppl pass by n talk loud but that's not for long. Then sometimes these Africans b talking (shouting bcuz they're so loud) so loud for a while which is annoying. I also have an African in my building who cooks something that smells really unpleasant n she leaves her door open to let out the scent n the odor lingers in the Hall n most times get into my apartment (I hate that). Other than that I keep to my self, I say hello to my neighbors when I c them, I'm mindful of their present so I turn my tv n music down after 9pm. Im moving because I hate the way Parkview handles their heat system. It b cold in e apt n the heat not turned on. Oh n dnt get me started about the AC. One AC in the apt in the living room n it does NOTHING in the apartment. They refuse to replace it. The floors creaks when u walk n u can hear your neighbor garbage disposal, washer n occasionally making out. But ive decided to move nxt month, ithe apt too small n it's costly to go into a 2 bdr with w/d n lots of closet space (which they dnt have). It's notnthe best apt but also not the worse. By the way I lived at the front so idk much about the back of the community.
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Parkview Gardens

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