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Riverdale Towers



Resident · 2004 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Where should I start... Well there are mice, roches and bed bugs. Second, you go to the office for a complain to get something fix and they take up to 6 months until they finally listen and get things fix! Third, since I been here, my car has been brake in to more then 10 times! Fourth, people that live here are descusting, I someone us always pee and poop in the elevators and stairwell and people live their bags of trash in the hall ways cause they are too lazy to throw it themselves. Fifth, there is no park, or pool or any type of entertainment! Sixth, the machine to call someone to open the door never works! Seventh, there are not enough washers and dryers... People always fight avout them and thats why I choise to not wash here. Eighth during the summer its hell in here, the AC never really works and they never give you a notice about it. Ninth during winter... They either plow the parking after the third day or they dont clean out at all. And last the apartment lobby are nothing but white walls... No chairs or plants or nothing cause the teenagers here always destroy everything.... O yeah and by the way... It always smells like cigarette or weed in the hall.
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Riverdale Towers

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