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Riverdale Village



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angelinamlover • Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
I lived there for three years, yes a long time for someone who hates it. I have a big shepherd and this was the only place that would allow me to have her there without extreme deposits, probably because it is a dump. The whole complex is severly infested with roaches and rats. Alot of this has to do with the tenants but the management should have them removed. There are people beaten and left for dead in the parking lots, I saw someone get stabbed outside my bathroom window, my neighbor got robbed on my patio with a gun smashed into his eye. (They never caught him) The police response is good but never solve anything for long term. I had Drug dealers living upstairs, there was blood in the hallway every weekend from drunken fights. Someone knocked on my door in a pizza delivery uniform and when I opened the door he tried to push his way in, luckily I was strong enough to lock the door back shut. Parking is horrible, you will have to park on the street 3 blocks away by a park which is crawling with theiving crack heads, literally. My car was broken in to 3 times within 1 year. The complex has tried to beautify the neighborhood by apllying siding to the brick and adding nice bushes which the neighborhood teens were quickly destroying when I left. Honestly I feel bad for the managment because they have parents there that cannot control their kids or their bad habits for that matter. Hope this is useful for someone...<br>A.C
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Riverdale Village

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