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Beall's Grant



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
My wife and I have been living in a studio at Beall's Grant in Rockville since December of 2007. It is a small apartment, but we wanted to to save money. Everything in the apartment works just fine, and my wife is especially pleased to be able to take long showers without any change in the water temperature. On the rare instances that we do have something that needs repair, it's always been handled within one business day. The people in the building are certainly not the wealthiest around, but due to the selective acceptance of the management, there are only decent people living here. Finally, we come to the office staff - I've read ridiculous reviews of the staff at other apartments, and indeed had to live through some absurd management at my previous housing, so I can honestly say this is a rare group. I'm not advertising for them in any way, but I respect the hard work and good culture that the manager, Cliff Bailey, has built up. He doesn't allow any BS, and he makes certain that I am the focus of his attention if I come to the office with any issues. He has also been more than gracious in finding ways to help me. I needed temporary storage space, and he allowed us to use a worker's large closet for a time, at no charge. One time the mail woman did not deliver the autopay check that I have delivered straight from the bank each month. Instead of following the strict penalty procedure I agreed to in the lease, Cliff had his assistant call me to double check, and we resolved the situation on a good note. Lastly, Beall's Grant has endured mindless protesting by neighbors as it plans to build a new adjacent twin building. There is a stigma associated with low-income housing that does not exist at Beall's Grant. I respect the valiance of Cliff and his team in marketing the property and invoking the city government, as well as police statistics to disprove the commonly held myths of our neighbors. Tim G.
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Beall's Grant

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