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Beall's Grant



Resident · 2008 - 2012
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Office Staff
I find the previous review to be severely exaggerated and unfair, so I feel compelled to respond to the reviewers points: <i>"Unfortunately, I have lived at Beall's Grant for almost a year now. It didn't take me long to realize I had made a huge mistake. Let me start with the good things..."</i> ** The things you cite don't seem to me to approach the level of "huge" mistake.</i> <i>"Pros: There are three rather young men that work in the front office. they are quite helpful and very friendly. However, it does take them a little while to put in complaints."</i> ** Do you have a problem with their age? I find them to be adult and professional, and I'm almost old enough to be their grandmother. <i>The maintenance team is pretty good once they get the reports. if you need something replaced -forget about it, the manager of the complex won't put out the money for the maintenance team to make major repairs.</i> ** Was your request for a major repair reasonable? Did the manager say that he wouldn't do it only because he didn't want to spend the money? There are online resources, through the office of Landlord Affairs, where you can find out what the legal rights of a tenant are regarding repairs and wear&tear. It's unfair for you to make a blanket statement like "if you need something replaced, forget about it" just because of your own experience. <i>Cons: THE MANAGER I have only had a few run ins with the manager of the complex since I moved in and none of the times have been pleasant.</i> ** Did you approach him with a pleasant demeanor, or were you aggressive and demanding? I've found him to be extremely pleasant to me, and he always tries to take a few moments to chat with me, and listens to my opinion about how the complex is managed. <i>the complex recently had a fire in which multiple doors where broken down, it's been two weeks and i still don't have a door that locks, NOT SAFE!</i> ** The fire was a terrible experience for us all. I'm grateful that my unit wasn't affected by the fire, and I'm sorry that your door was busted. Did the rental office refuse to replace the door? I find that difficult to believe, since all of the rental staff worked extremely hard in the days after the fire, trying to get the building back into the pre-fire condition. <i>the "critters"- The complex has roaches... enough said. It took them 2 weeks to come and spray my apartment. There was a roach on the carpet before i moved my stuff in so it wasn't that bad. although recently, the roaches have been coming back... still waiting for them to spray again.</i> **There is a regular schedule of bug treatment (they use gel now, not spray). Perhaps you were unlucky in your timing, and two weeks was awhile to wait for the scheduled treatment. Unless you had a huge infestation, the rental office would wait for the regular treatment. I've only seen bugs twice in four years, and both times the treatment worked for a long time. <i>The security - The building is supposed to be safe but when I first moved in I was woken up by someone coming into my apartment, no notice or warning was given.</i> ** The building is safe, as long as the tenants follow the rules about restricting building access. Who broke into your apartment while you were sleeping? Was it another tenant? Was it an outsider? Was your apartment not locked at the time? Did you report this to the rental office, or to the police? <i>One of the back doors from the parking lot was shattered the other night and although it was repaired the next day anyone could have gotten into the building that night... NOT SAFE!!!!</i> ** It was repaired - the next day! What more could have been done? Yes, it was unsafe that night. That's why you make sure to lock your apartment door. But I don't see what more maintenance could have done, since they could not do major repairs on large pieces of glass in the middle of the night. <i>Noise- the walls are thin here so you can hear EVERYTHING...</i> ** No! I beg to differ. This is an old building, and the walls are much thicker than in newer buildings. Try going to one of the apartment buildings in Town Center, and you'll find out what "thin walls" really is! I've found this to be a very quiet building. Now, if you had chronically noisy neighbors, that's another issue entirely, and you should have spoken to them and asked them to quiet down. <i>to sum everything up: I Can't wait to get out of here! Its the biggest waste of money, the manager is rude and disrespectful, the complex isn't safe.</i> ** I disagree on all your points. The rental rate is reasonable, especially compared to other apartments in Rockville. The manager is polite, but he also doesn't suffer fools gladly, and I feel very safe living here.
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Beall's Grant

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