Halpine Hamlet

5501 Halpine Place, Rockville, MD 20851
5501 Halpine Place, Rockville, MD 20851

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Halpine Hamlet


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Residential One/Friendly Gardens

Halpine Hamlet is located in bustling Rockville, MD. The one and two bedroom apartments include wall-to-wall carpeting, lots of closets and storage space, additional built-in cabinets in the kitchen, and a formal dining room for entertaining. The living space has been expanded by either a balcony or terrace. Within steps of the apartment home is a clothes care center, extra storage and a playground. Everything is close by through easy access to the Twinbrook Metro (red line), Rockville Pike, downtown DC, and a multitude of recreational and entertainment options.

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Residential One/Friendly Gardens

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Halpine Hamlet is an apartment in Rockville in zip code 20851. Nearby cities include North Bethesda, Potomac, Derwood, North Potomac, and Gaithersburg. 20853, 20850, 20855, 20852, and 20852 are nearby zip codes.

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Halpine Hamlet

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