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King Farm Village Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2011
Just lived in King Farm Village Center for a year. The place was OK, some good things (like convenience to the metro and shopping) and some bad things (like thin walls and poor maintenance). It's a lot like every apartment complex in the area, some ups some downs. Anyway, after I moved I hired a professional cleaner to come in to finish up the cleaning, because I know from a past experience that management will do anything and say anything to keep that security deposit (for me it was over $2000). So the cleaner I hired steamed the carpets, washed down the kitchen and bathroom, and cleaned the windows. A thorough job. I move out and called the management to ask when my security will returned. At first they told me a few days after moving out, but later that few days became weeks. I called incessantly to get clarification but they kept putting it off. Later the story changed to "problems". They said they had to do lots of cleaning, to put in new carpet and new blinds. I tell you, I left that place spotless! If there was any problem with the blinds it was not due to my usage. I barely opened and closed them in a year. If anything it was normal use. As for the carpets, the steaming took care of normal wear, but it's not like I was tracking in mud or something. They are totally lying. I think they wanted an excuse to take the deposit and freshen up the place. Why not? I have no recourse now. My 2 cents - if you decide to live here, plan on not getting your deposit back. Figure itinto the cost of renting.
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King Farm Village Center Apartments

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