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King Farm Village Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2006
My husband and I just moved in and we are both quite disappointed with what we are getting for the money.<br><br>You get a lot of space (we have 3 bedrooms and a massive living area) but the quality of life is terribly sub par.<br><br>Point #1 - This is supposed to be a secured building but doors are CONSTANTLY propped open in at least 1 of the 3 entrances. Big problem which management hasnt addressed!<br><br>Point #2 - The hallways smell! Probably due to the kitchens facing the hall but there is no ventilation to remove the stink other than windows which are always closed. Yuck!<br><br>Point #3 - A host of simple repairs have taken WEEKS to fix. We have malfunctioning electric which repair people cannot figure out, not a godo way to live for this price!<br><br>Point #4 - Management is generally unresponsive unless you call them multiple times. Even when you get through you cant be sure your questions will be answered or problem solved.<br><br>Point #5 - The little things detract from the feel. Hall lights flicker on and off for weeks and are never replaced. Elevator is often out of service. The common areas are not thorougly cleaned.<br><br>Point #6 - There are a pack of small children who run rampant through the hall ways screaming and banging things. They run back and forth causing quite a disturbance which is very audible in our living area.<br><br>Point #7 - LOUD neighbors! Dogs, screaming kids, surround sound systems! <br><br>Point #8 - CHEAPLY MADE! Cracks all over our dry wall which have literally appeared just after we moved in.
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King Farm Village Center Apartments

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