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King Farm Village Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/23/2007
I just moved out and wanted to write a review to give an accurate picture of what King Farm village center is all about. Let me start with the last thing that happened. They kept my full security for "cleaning". I didnt have pets and left the place immaculate. My calls were not returned as to what kind of cleaning costs almost $1000. It's a pattern, these guys dont return calls for service or anything really. I dont think they can care less. security is a big concern there, at least it was for me. Why have closed doors and a key card system if all doors are wide open? Not everyone who lives in the area is angelic, there is crime there, so why invite it with open doors? Never made sense to me. Im a regular guy with regular habits in my lifestyle, Im not extremely clean or really messy or anything. But let me say many of the people there are complete SLOBS! the hallways usually smell pretty bad, ok people have to cook and throw trash out, but when garbage juice leaks, its never getting cleaned because management wont do anything about it. also look around carefully about whats under you. resteraunts with far from pristine cleanliness levels. expect bugs of all sorts if you are near or over a resteraunt. one of the worst offenders is the chinese place on pleasant drive, man in summer it STINKS and also fontina. how they live in that specific building i dont know, the entrance is right next to fontinas kitchen and garbage. noise, the place is very very noisy. the walls are so thin, and the respect from neighbors is not what it should be. loud tvs and all that, yep you will see! finally, for all the money you pay, you get a door, walls, alot of space, questions security and management thats not there at all. my place was pretty decently stocked with appliances and whatnot. that was nice, and everything worked fine. i think the apartment looked ok overall. is it worth nearly $1500 a month? up to you! i went through it for a year and can say if i had to do it again i wouldnt!
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King Farm Village Center Apartments

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