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The Residences at Congressional Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/18/2005
This place is horrible and for any comment on here that says it is a good place to live, must be written by the management!! Talk about problems from day one. This place kindly charges a nice penny for that place, but lacks in any kind of service they promise you. Construction is so far behind schedule, the office people are horrible, and to get anything taken care of you have to contact the management company that employs the office personal, JPI. I don't even know where to begin with the problems of this place. I am paying plenty to live here, about $1800 a month. That should be able to provide a luxury apartment in the city of Rockville. Nope, this place is just decent. I shouldn't be paying nearly what I am for this place. Let's start with the vandalism that happens in the garage and how they haven't done anything about it. They could easily put up gates so only residents with keypads could get in. They won't even do that. Next they keep renting apartments out when there is no parking left. There are two parking garages and there is only one open. They promised that the other one would be open beginning the summer of 2005. It is now the middle of September and we are all fighting for a place to park. Not to mention that they are so far behind on construction that the local businesses got mad and took it to the county. Now the local businesses have 40 spots in our garage where they can park because the construction is taking up too many of their parking areas. So, there goes another 40 spots from the only garage open. The electrical doors (which do have locks on them and should remain shut at all times) are constantly left open. If any one in the area wants to come in and destroy a whole apartment's electric, cable, and elevator they can come right into the doors and do that because the people who work here are to lazy to walk around the complex to make sure everything is in running order. There is constantly broken glass in the back where you are suppose to walk you dogs. There is a movie theatre and a DVD rental place, but don't ever expect to use any of them. You have to raise your voice to get the office personal to even open up the DVD rental office. That is though only if they are not busy with a future resident. You wait in the office for at least 20 minutes before you get any help at all, even if you want to just pick up a package. The locked doors to get in our already damaged and some don't even shut and lock properly. So much for a secured apartment building. Whenever you talk to the operationals manager she doesn't do anything about any of the issues you present to her. It begins with talking to a leasing agent, maintenance, and finally leads up to the operational manager. After that you got to figure out how to contact JPI in order to get anything done! They come into your apartment on a regular basis to do all different types of check, and what they call, "quality assurance." The apartments also have rodents on the first floor so be ready for that. Basically just don't move here unless you want to spend a lot of money for a crappy place to live! I could go on and on but right now I need to go figure out how to get two mice out of my apartment. This isn't an emergency maintanence problem so they will get to it when they get to it. I seriously think who ever is giving this place good ratings must be an office worker at the community because they place sucks!!
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The Residences at Congressional Village

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