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Town & Country Northeast Apartments



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sexi_unique1 • Resident 2007 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 06/03/2009
I've been living at eagles walk apts for a little under 2 years. Theres nothing terribly bad, but nothing thats over the top exciting. For the price, the one bedrooms are tiny with limited closet space. If you drive thru the complex u can see that everybody uses their balconies as additional storage space. I used to live in baltimore city and my apt was larger for the same price. Its unusually quiet because noone really lives here, at least not on my street. So parking is abundant! Gas is included in the rent which is ok. My BGE is still outrageous because of the lack of insulation. My A/C runs for hours and hours in vain, trying to cool down the apartment in the summer. The ventilation is weird. The heat nor air circulates back into the bedroom. I was told to close all the vents except for the one in the bedroom. That still doesnt help. Its only bad in the summer. Cold air streams thru the front door, the balcony door and all of the windows, I feel sorry for the people that have to pay for their gas. I got a space heater for the bedroom so the bad circulation doesnt really bother me in the winter. The boiler blows twice a winter for some reason. I work late so I hate getting home are 3am to a freezin cold apt with not hot water. I dont kno why they wont replace it. *shrug* I've never had a problem with mice or roaches. I had a squirrel in my apt that came thru a hole behind my dishwasher. The maintenance guy came out immediately and set a trap for it. He searched to find out how it got in. I still have squirrels in my walls and/or ventilation. Other than the occasional noises they cause, it really doesnt bother me. The staff is amazing! All of the maintenance guys are nice and understanding. I've locked myself out more times than i can count and emergency maintenance is always there within 20 minutes. The "business center" is two computers that are available not only for eagles walk residents but also residents of the sister complex down the street. The computers are constantly not working or occupied by people on facebook, myspace, etc. The printer hardly works and the internet is a little slow. The fitness center is great. I'm a cardio junkie, so i love it. there are two ellipticals, a bike, and three or four treadmills. Theres also some weight lifting machines but i dont really use those. The neighborhood seems safe to me, theres been a couple of incidents in the past two years but nothing that wasnt rectified immediately. Its beautiful and scenic with many trees and nice to walk around in the spring or summer evenings. The people (the few that live on my street) are really nice and friendly. I would stay but the price for this small box just isnt worth it for me anymore. I have too much stuff and not enough room!
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Town & Country Northeast Apartments

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