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Town & Country Northeast Apartments



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rainballad • Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/17/2009
We moved into what is now known as Eagle's Walk nine months ago and it has been one problem after another. When we first looked at these apartments we were only shown a renovated apartment. We were only able to afford a non-renovated apartment, though, but we were not shown one. We were simply told that it was exactly the same except the kitchen had been renovated. Not true in the least! The minute we walked into the apartment on our move-in date our faces dropped. The entire place looked old and dingy, and it also smelled moldy and unclean. Then we noticed that there were gnats flying around everywhere, not to mention that there were dead bugs lying on all of the window sills. It turned out that these bugs were drain flies coming up the pipes and through the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower drain. Now, these bugs don't just procreate overnight- they had been flying around for a while and are impossible to ignore because they fly directly into your face. Yet, the leasing office did not have an exterminator come in before we moved in. We were also told that there was a laundry room in every building, but in actuality there's only one in every unit. So, doing laundry does involve a decent amount of walking up and down staircases. The cabinets in the kitchen were also filthy as well as crookedly mounted, and had a couple of nails sticking out of them. I do not store any food in these cabinets because they are that shoddy. The fridge leaned to one side too, and we found a previous resident's magnets underneath, which means that the kitchen had not been thorougly cleaned prior to our move-in date. The toilet also did not flush- the water would swirl but there was no suction pulling anything down. We had that replaced, but it took them a while to get out to our apartment and take our complaint seriously. It also had to be replaced twice because it wasn't done properly the first time. We weren't home the second time they were in our apartment to replace our toilet, and that's when a bottle of prescription pain-killers for my root canal went missing. We actually filed a police report and submitted it to the leasing office, but nothing was done. Since then I have not felt comfortable having maintenance come into my home when I'm not there, which means a lot of things have gone unfixed since we both work full-time. The closets and doors in this apartment are also definitely showing their age. When we opened one of the closets, the hinges popped right out of the door and the wood splintered. Our bathroom door also got stuck because of the humidity and when we pulled it open the entire lock fell out. Our bedroom door is so poorly fitted to the frame that now that the weather is warm again we can't close it because it gets stuck! We also attempted to mount curtains in the living room (they do not come with blinds), but the drywall completely crumbled and made it impossible to even put a nail in. The shower also leaks onto the floor if you run it for over ten minutes. The bathroom sink leaks from behind the faucet as well. We also had a huge problem with camel crikets (aka scary spider crickets) last summer. They invaded our apartment a month after we moved in and did not disappear until the weather started getting cold. They claimed they sprayed for them, but whatever they did was ineffective. This was particularly terrifying for me because I hate large jumping bugs! Most recently our bike was stolen off of our back porch. A family also just moved into the apartment building next to ours and they allow their children to play soccer in the parking lot. They have already busted our upstairs neighbor's car window and refused to pay for the damages. He is now sueing them. Their ball also bounced off my fiance's car the other day, and when he confronted them they acted like they didn't understand him and continued playing soccer. When we tried going to the leasing office they would not listen to our complaint and claimed that we have to call the police. When we called the police, they told us that it's our leasing office's responsibility. So far I don't believe anything has been done. The leasing office is virtually useless. They employ rude people who do not seem eager to help you, except for the two older sisters Pam and Pat (I believe). Is that enough to deter you? We are ready to run screaming and we haven't even been here for a year. I had less trouble living at the Commons in White Marsh, and that was a ghettotastic neighborhood!
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Town & Country Northeast Apartments

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