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106 Farmers Market Road, Salisbury, MD 21804
106 Farmers Market Road, Salisbury, MD 21804

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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2019
I have lived in UO for a month. My roommates and I were so excited to live here and the main reason we did was because of free maintenance if needed, the beautiful environment it looks like from the outside, and many benefits such as the pool, gym, and dog park. Our first and most serious issue is our garbage disposal. We have had issues with it since the beginning. Days ago we put in a maintenance order about it and having our steps cleaned due to throw up that has been sitting there for 2 weeks. Someone today finally came to "clean up" the throw up, but unfortunately they did not do a good job cleaning it and there are chunks on our steps. The garbage disposal has not been working and when I spoke to the person on the phone days ago, I told them that. Last night our sink started spitting up food and everything that was in the garbage disposal. We called again today and said it was urgent that someone comes. Once again, no one has been here. Living in UP last year, if we put in a maintenance order someone was there that day. Not to mention my roommate put in a maintenance order the first day we got here, and 2 weeks later she had to call again because they still didn't come. Our next issue that many residents I know have is that the sprinklers go off at 8:00 pm and we can't even walk through our pathway to our building without getting wet. Another issue is that the trashcan outside of our building for dog poop has been over flown for days. It is also really disappointing they have the time to go around and take pictures of apartments that have trash bags outside their door to charge them $10 but "don't have time" to come fix our issues or clean up throw up. We pay way too much to live here for these issues to be happening. Not to mention our cable ALWAYS has issues. These are also not just issues we have had, these are issues our friends, neighbors, and other residents have had too. It's really disappointing and we hope changes are made because like I said, we pay way too much.
University Orchard at Salisbury Manager10/02/2019

Anonymous, We would like to personally apologize for the unfortunate issues that you've experienced. We value your residency at University Orchard and would like the opportunity to address your concerns. We strive for excellence and look forward to better serving you in future interactions. Please call, email or visit us so we may rectify your concerns promptly. We look forward to hearing from you. University Orchard Management Team

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