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River Island Apartments



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transzoo • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2007
By not means are these luxury apartments, but it's not as bad as some of the other reviews make it out to be. <br><br>My mother-in-law lives there and my wife and I have visited her quite often and spent the night there. I read the reviews here because I've noticed that negative reviews dominate the site and wanted to see any bias by reading reviews of places I've experience with.<br><br>Another review noted the outside appearances of the complex which I do note isn't as appealing as other places, but then again I've seen worse. It is a little drab, but prison like? Yea right. And it's relatively clean and landscaping is done, nothing amazing though.<br><br>I've not seen any drug deals going down, nor have I seen the cops being called there. (Just my experience.) And they do have a security guard there in a truck at night. One time he was kind of a ----, when my wife locked her keys in the car he demanded the pop a lock move his car even though he was there for like 5 mins. And has apparently hassled my sister-in-law about something or another. But another time he was nothing but pleasant and helpful when I went to ask him if it was okay to park there even though I wasn't displaying a parking pass in my window. They've added gates which aren't operational as of yet, but give them some time. <br><br>Parking does suck, but is only really bad when you're coming in late. But I still always had a spot to park and just to had to walk a little further then I'd have liked. That same "prison review" mentioned run down cars not being towed. Personally I like that they don't tow cars as eagerly as other places. If one of my vehicles breaks down and I live it sitting for a week I'll be thankful it wasn't towed. And if I accidentally let my registration lapse it's nice to know I won't be paying an impound fee along with the renewal.<br><br>Overall this apartment complex is okay, not a dream apartment complex, but wouldn't be a bad stay for say a year or two. You get what you pay for.
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River Island Apartments

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