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1200 East West



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Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2016
I have lived at 1200 East West for almost a year, but I will not be extending my lease. Overall I have found that the complex simply doesn't live up to the sticker price. First, some positives. The building is close to many things! It's a 5 minute walk from the Silver Spring metro station. It is a 10 - 15 minute walk from Downtown Silver Spring, including numerous restaurants, a movie theater, a library, and other shops. There is a grocery store (Giant) and CVS located in the Blair's complex next door, also a 5 minute walk. The building also has many amenities that could add value, depending on how often you use them. There is a small exercise facility with limited weight machines, a few treadmills, and some elliptical machines. It's worth noting that the free weights often go missing, and management is forced to send out chastising e-mails. There is also a recreation room that can be reserved for parties. It has a large TV, gaming systems, several computers and printers. There is covered parking for both cars and bikes. Bikes can be locked in cages on either the 1st or 2nd garage levels. Parking for cars is $125/ month. There are charging stations and premium parking spots for electric and hybrid cars. There are no vermin, that I have seen. Roach free, rat free, mice free. I do, occasionally, find little bugs, but so far they have not found my pantry. The only time I hear my neighbors is when they enter and exit their apartment, or when their dog barks at me when I enter mine. Can't hear my upstairs or downstairs neighbors either. Very quiet building. The building is Gold LEED certified, but not all the amenities have actually worked out. HVAC systems are individual for each unit, but the intended efficiency does not seem to translate into the utility bill. Programmable thermostats are not properly installed. Little to no overhead lighting means points for the LEED survey, but annoyances for tenants. Energy star appliances are appreciated. Now the negatives. When I first moved in to our apartment, the bathrooms obviously hadn't been cleaned. There were hair trimmings all over the counter. I complained to the leasing agent, who claimed she sent a crew to fix the problem, but they never did. Eventually I cleaned it up myself, because I needed to use my bathroom. The staff is very unresponsive. To be fair, there is a 24 hour hotline you can call with urgent problems. However, if you have a regular problem or question, it can take 2 - 5 days for a response. A staff member went on vacation once, and had apparently appointed no one to watch over her requests, nor had she set up a vacation notice. It took 3 weeks to get what I needed from her, and several conversations with concierges who were totally out of the loop. Over the course of time that we lived in the building, it was purchased by a new management company. Though we were assured we would notice no gaps during the transition, our concierge desk is still not fully staffed after a month of significant gaps in coverage. The importance of this fact is that it means it's very difficult to pick up packages, procure guest parking passes (which are necessary, as the building has reminded us several times), and pick up spare keys if necessary. The building is not always well maintained. There are dents, scratches, and visible damage in the elevators and public spaces. The elevator lobbies are often very messy. Cleaning crews seem to only be present in the morning during rush hour, often closing off elevators for extended periods of time while they're being cleaned. Speaking of elevators: due to what can only be described as an architectural fluke, if the doors to the elevator lobbies in the garage are left open, it creates a wind-tunnel effect that prevents the elevator doors from closing completely. For an unprepared/ uninformed individual, this can result in being stuck in the elevator. More frequently, it results in most if not all the elevators being unusable. This as been a regular problem since October 2015, and it shoes no signs of stopping. Be advised, use the stairs. Lastly, the price. The rent for 1200 East West is comparatively expensive, even in a neighborhood of luxury/ high class apartments. For such a cost, one would expect above average service (at the least) and well maintained amenities. This has not been my experience.
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1200 East West

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