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8600 Apartments

8600 16th Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910



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bostonjay • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/05/2007
I've lived here since Dec 2006-The palce is horrible. I must've looked at the apartment the day they cleaned the hell out of it, beacsue it han't looke dor smelled that good since. The unit isnt that bad-other then being next to the freight trains that seem to go by only when something good is happening on TV or you're trying to fall asleep. The worst part is a majority of the tenants. They're not very clean, or self respecting. I've seen them just leave trash in teh ahllway-not botheringt ow alk 10 feet to put it in the chute. The carpets in common areas are disgusting, the whole building smells like cat pee, and you excatly what your neighbor 5 floors away is cooking at all times. Smells travel like you wouldn't believe here. The tenants are a bit sketchy...the good enws is MoCo police know the building very well. I've already seen one drug bust (that was fun) and a wilding on a saturday night. The smoking in the stairwells (especially of the green kind) is so very pelasant, as is the constant supply of people milling around outside the front door (we seem to be popular with the immigrant population and sticking 8 people in a 2 bedroom with 1 building key-so your'e always letting people in). I'd like to think building mamanagemnt has a handle on this, but they don't. 4 managers in 6 months. And nothing has changed. I'm looking forwrad to my lease being up, becasue I can't wiat to go someplace more expensive that people actually care about and take some pride in. No one seems to do that here. The only thing going for it is location-close to downtown SS, and beltway, free parking. But the cons-nasty nasty nasty building, awful tenants, filthy common areas, complete lack of direction by management, the damn trains and a general feeling of helplessness are definite "NO'S" for why you should even consider living here. Run, don't walk to a cardboard box-you'll be better off.
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8600 Apartments

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