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8600 Apartments

8600 16th Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
My wife and I have been living here at "8600" (Suburban Tower) since March of 2007. We had read the reviews about all manner of critters etc. but we liked the overall apartment with a view that we was offered us and decided to give it a go for a year. When we first moved in, we did notive an occasional critter or two in our apartment, but we just sprayed and bombed and we have not had a poblem since. Immediately afterwards, management has made a constant effort to stay on top of that problem with continuous control management to the point were it appears to be none exsitent. We have a Resident Manger by the name of Virginia who is a jewel!! She has a sincere concern for our community and she really should be complimented for it. Since her arrival, we have noticed consitent all around changes and an intolerance for the lack of cooperation from anybody who wishes to cause ill to the complex. Virginia is both freindly and proffesional and is a credit to Dreyfuss management and she exudes all that I believe a mangagement firm would want in an employee. Are there still challenges at "8600"? like anywhere else, of course there is, but "we have come a long way baby"!! and we personally believe (and have experienced) the new direction that Virginia and Drefuss has brought to Suburban. We are confident that through the sincere efforts of Virginia and Dreyfuss, that the goals to acheive a complex that is enjoyable for all, is definately acheivable, especially when you consider the lower cost compared to other locations in the area
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8600 Apartments

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