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Alexander House

8560 Second Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910



Resident · 2013 - 2017
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Office Staff
Totally ruined by construction as of 2017. I actually agree with the old good reviews, but... they're just not true anymore. Before you move in here, ask them if their renovation project is totally finished, and if they say no, run. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks, jack-hammering starts at 8am and the construction crew is yelling up and down the halls before that. The water is frequently shut off, sometimes multiple days in a row, there are days where they just run the fire alarms for hours at a time. They told us we'd be moved out of our apartment into a comparable one for about six weeks, it's now MONTH seven and I'm still in that temporary apartment which is inferior in almost every way to where I was living before, with a broken thermostat, broken bathroom mirror, broken closet door, incorrectly-installed balcony blinds--the list goes on, and I can see why this unit was empty for them to move me into. At one point they even scheduled a move day back, and then had to postpone, by an unspecified amount for unspecified reasons, and moving back has not been spoken of again since. Between the general unpleasantness of the environment and the constant stream of complaints and negativity from the residents, it's so intolerable that most of the staff has quit at this point and I feel bad for the one long-time member left. This used to be a decent place to live, and maybe when this whole mess of a project is over with it will be again. But everything is so far behind schedule I don't know when that will be, so for now, after four years I'm moving out, and you should avoid it for as long as construction lasts.
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Alexander House

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