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Alexander House

8560 Second Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910



vrp · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
It's really hard to rate Alexander House on its own merits given the massive construction undertaking that has taken a life of its own. It was supposed to be over last year but it's never ending. Workers at times start as early as 8am and finish after 9pm. The "new" Alexander House is starting to take shape with new balconies, library and club room. The fitness center still remains empty with no equipment. The rent is significantly cheaper than most in downtown Silver Spring but since it's owned by HOC there's a lot of unsavory residents in the building. New furniture and fixtures update the common area however the area carpet looks dirty. Not a good look. They either need to remove the carpet completely or invest in having it cleaned regularly. You cannot pay me to sit on the two main sofas where the usual elderly folks sit gossiping or passing time. There's also an elderly man perched on his wheel chair literally every single day by the front door. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night this man is always there loitering as you enter/ exit the building. There has to be a rule against this? Worse, this is supposed to be a no pet building yet there's always a fresh squirt of pet urine in the elevators every morning. The pet urine is now a daily occurrence and the elevators smell. I hope the new elevators are not carpeted because that would really be counterproductive. I literally see residents walking their dogs before and after office hours to avoid being seen. The office has to be aware since there is 24 hour concierge but the folks at the front desk don't care so nothing is done about it. Speaking of the concierges, most of them are too busy texting on their cell phones to acknowledge you as you're walking by. Some greet, others don't but there is never any consistency with their customer service which is supposed to be stellar. Just this morning as I was headed to work, I said good morning to the concierge on duty and she didn't even bother to respond. I simply shook my head and kept it moving. A lot of times the front desk sits empty after 10pm. This is also supposed to be a non-smoking community but that's a joke. The amount of weed permeating throughout the building is ridiculous! It travels through the vent system and it reeks of marijuana. The stench is unbearable at times. Once the above issues are addressed and construction is completely finished I will be more than happy to update my review. I cannot in good conscience recommend this community to anyone if these issues aren't resolved. I'm currently debating on whether I should post pictures...
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Alexander House Manager


We strive to ensure all of our residents are happy in their apartment home and community, and thank you for your feedback. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to finish construction and apologize for any inconvenience that you've experienced, but are confident that you will love the end result. The upkeep of our community, the satisfaction of our residents and the enforcement of our community policies are top priorities for our team, as well as providing exceptional service at every opportunity. We would like to mention that our community did become pet friendly about a year ago, but we do expect residents to be respectful and clean up after their pets. We will be sure to utilize your valuable feedback to help us improve and address these concerns, but we would be grateful for the opportunity to speak with you directly, and to work with you to improve your living experience moving forward. Please stop by the management office so we can discuss your concerns and how we can help to resolve them. We also welcome you to contact our Customer Success Team directly if we can help further @ [email protected] ~ Customer Success Team

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Alexander House

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